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DNRE30 - Best Of 2020: The Best Knowledge Clips From This Year

DNRE30 - Best Of 2020: The Best Knowledge Clips From This Year

December 31, 2020

How did 2020 unfold for you? For sure, because of the pandemic, we are affected differently especially if you are an entrepreneur. How did you handle disappointments?

Today’s episode is a compilation of our guests, Joshua Smith, Ricky Carruth, Colton Lindsay, Leigh Brown, Serge Sukhat, Bryan Casella, Brandon Hall, Fee Gentry, Luper Akough, and Brian AdamsonMarker, which will remind us of the things that we need to do whether we are already an expert in entrepreneurship or just starting out. If you have missed these previous episodes, now is the time to sit back and listen to the important key points as we close the year 2020.

DNRE29 - The Great Pause: How To Make The Most Out Of Covid-19

DNRE29 - The Great Pause: How To Make The Most Out Of Covid-19

December 28, 2020

How are you all doing? We hope you are still holding up well despite the pandemic we are facing these days. We’ve all been trying our best to get by and get on with our lives, haven’t we? And that’s precisely why we are here right now. Things have been pretty tough lately, we know, but we hope you haven’t let go of your dream. If anything, we hope you’ve found an even deeper reason to keep going. 

This compilation of podcast episodes from our dear guests might help you achieve your ultimate dream, especially if it’s related to real estate investment. 

So, sit back and listen to Joshua Smith, Serge Sukhat, Bethany King, Tina Beliveau, Brandon Hall, and Chastin Miles as they tell us about their struggles and how their determination to survive has helped them get through and right where they are today.


Joshua Smith

Here’s what you missed:

  • Avoid having the ‘victim’ mindset. Instead, take full responsibility and become a winner
  • What you need to do to pivot

(0:45) First thing is, I'm not gonna panic. Yeah. I'm going to go into solution mode. (When talking about the shutdown ordered by Trump)

(0:51) There are always outside circumstances that we can’t control. 

(4:08) History favors he or she who was most prepared. Right now that we've been through it, right now you can start to prepare for it.


Serge Sukhat

Here’s what you missed

  • Be vigilant of the signs that tell you when to start
  • Example of signs to look for
  • What is intrinsic value?
  • Knowing your advantage

(7:58) There's a lot of signs that come up that tell you when it's a good time, when it's time to pounce. You got to look for those signs

(10:41) Don't forget what real estate is. It's not a stock. It's not stock that one day it's hot on a news report and then the next day, it's not.

(16:36) The biggest risk was going to be government policy and tax changes, and the influence in real estate is enormous.

(20:58) That's one of the reasons I love real estate the most, because it's a function of your brain. Your returns are as good as you are.


Bethany King

  • Knowing when and how to start your business
  • Don’t be afraid of the pandemic

(22:39) You have to jump in full time 100% and especially with this time where we are with this pandemic.

(24:16) This is the best time to get into this industry because now the real players are going to shine.

(24:32) But the true testament to your skills is if you can do this in a bad market, and I love the adrenaline. I love a challenge.

(25:12) This industry allows us to be winners. There's a huge opportunity.


Tina Beliveau

  • Problems about lead generation and conversion
  • How to grow your database bigger and bigger


(26:35) But the more people that we can add to that list and stay in touch with, it will turn into business.

(26:49) Find something that you enjoy doing.

(27:06) What could you do right now, virtual or in real life, that would be fun and interactive? And just find a little bit of momentum and then build on it.

(29:27) So just find something that you can do to give, serve, or bring joy to other people.


Brandon Hall

  • Biggest challenges of being a business owner of a remote team
  • The importance of coming in at work on time
  • How to build your culture

(32:46) You gotta figure out how hardcore you want to be about results.That's going to influence the results you hold people accountable to.

(33:38) You're motivating the right behavior.

(34:08) We have to work on culture very intentionally in a virtual environment.

(34:25) The culture is the result of every little decision that has been made up until that point for your firm's history.


Chastin Miles

  • Don’t look for an easier route

(37:00) It wasn't so much me having this novelty idea of real estate in my head and how it was supposed to be. It was me experiencing how something works from start to finish.

(37:49) People started looking for the easier route or the shortcut. Me, I didn't do that.

(38:25) It was just more so really being on it and being on it a lot more than I was.

DNRE28 - Chastin Miles: How To Evolve From Being Transactional

DNRE28 - Chastin Miles: How To Evolve From Being Transactional

December 23, 2020

What was the lowest point of your life? Your biggest downfall? How did you manage to get through it? Today’s guest, Mr. Chastin Miles, will share to us his fair share of struggles and successes in his real estate journey.

Just like anybody else, Chastin started small with no background about real estate and entrepreneurship. He will unveil the secrets on how to face the challenges.

Chastin is known as a serial entrepreneur, and people even call him ‘’The Real Estate Entrepreneur’ because of how successful he is in this field. But as mentioned above, Chastin didn’t have it smooth at the beginning of his career. He had faced a lot of problems and disappointments when he wasn’t able to sell any properties.

Now, Chastin has a lot of platforms where people can definitely reach out to him and ask him what to do when it comes to real estate. Partnering with some big names in the industry, Chastin is now living his dream. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s episode as Chastin takes us on his wonderful journey.

Here’s what you missed:

  • It’s good to be curious. Ask if you must
  • Saving money to pursue your dream
  • How real estate is heavily relationship-based
  • Our biggest downfall will teach us the biggest lesson
  • Setting timelines and expectations



(0:48) Chastin tells us his simple beginning and how he got into real estate

(1;27) How he met a real estate agent

(5:14) Getting back into real estate school

(6:45) Recommending Real Estate Express for aspiring realtors

(9:28) Tells us the struggles he experienced when he got his license

(10:20) Moving to a different place to find a new opportunity

(11:23) Landing his first client

(13:01) Having a huge breakdown due to financial problems

(16:59) Changing expectations

(23:50) The importance of having your own sphere or group of people

(25:09) Talks about making a major turn in life and starting to focus on people

(26:08) How investing in people was a major turn in his business

(27:32) Talks about eXp Realty

(32:16) Shares the four big ways on how his business and life changed

(34:39) Talks about a program in eXp which focuses on helping people get onboard and in brokerage




(13:26) And I remember going in locking the door and I literally kind of fell to the ground and just started bawling my eyes out. I had a real breakdown in that house to the point where I was just like, ‘Why am I doing this?’

(13:51) I've told everybody that I'm going to be successful in this and be this real estate agent when everybody's telling me not to do it because the market was bad. And here I am.

(14:32) Moving forward, anything that I did, I would never, never, never allow it to get to that position again.

(14:46) I'm still picking myself up today, but we are soaring in and it's totally different now.

(17:45) I didn't go looking for a shortcut.

(20:38) At that point I was living it through the lens. I was letting people in. I was letting people see and I was being transparent about it, which I've always been nowadays,

(23:14) I'm not really worried about being the biggest. I know that I'm not the smallest, but I'm just me.

(25:06) I just assumed that my family was always going to refer people to me and my friends

(32:22) I'm building a business. Of course, I'm building an organization. I'm building an office and I'm also building a legacy and that's something that I wasn't doing before.

(35:44) Just follow the process, follow what's already laid out and it will work out,



Chastin Miles Website: https://chastinjmiles.com/

Chastin Miles LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chastinjmiles/

Chastin Miles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChastinJMilesOfficial/

Chastin Miles Twitter: https://twitter.com/chastinjmiles

Chastine Miles Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXovghMTETSm-amUsoX8iA




DNRE27 - Ed Stulak: How To Crush Social Media With Your Personal Brand

DNRE27 - Ed Stulak: How To Crush Social Media With Your Personal Brand

December 21, 2020

Are you into social media, branding, or even real estate? Are you afraid to take your journey a notch higher because of the struggles that you might encounter along the way? Well, you will find this podcast episode interesting as our guest for today, Mr. Ed Stulak, also found himself in the same situation. He doesn’t even have anyone that he could rely on when it comes to his love for real estate.

Ed will share to us the relevant experiences that he had along the way as well as the struggles that we all could relate into. Take note of the tips that he is going to drop that would help you overcome the challenges that come your way. But first, let’s take a glimpse on Ed’s past.

An expert in his field, Ed is a successful Licensed Realtor and Social Media ‘shark.’ His expertise has earned him several platforms that are now helping aspiring realtors to be like him. He focuses on the things or platforms that could guarantee your success. So, sit back as we all take the time to listen to his words of advice which have been tested and proven effective in this industry.



Book mentioned:
The 4-Hour Workweek - Timothy Ferriss


Names mentioned:
Aaron Groucho


Here’s what you missed:

  • Finding love in real estate
  • Knowing your brand and your voice
  • How to delegate properly
  • Which platform to use to grow your brand
  • TikTok versus Billboards
  • Indirect marketing


(2:06) How Ed started with real estate

(3:15) How he pursued his interest in the industry

(4:35) The importance of knowing your main focus

(7:18) Knowing your strength and improving it

(8:08) Why it is essential to delegate work

(9:27) Platforms that you can use to grow your brand

(10:44) The beauty of TikTok

(14:16) How TikTok works

(18:25) Tips on how to figure your brand out

(19:00) How to create content for your brand

(29:10) Regrets on not taking on a mentor when he first started out




(1:;18) A lot of realtors are the same. I don't want to be the same.

(4:39) That business will come. Just take it slow.

(5:14) Social media works. You just got to implement that the right way.

(7:45) Focus on your strengths and make your strengths stronger.

(8:29) I'd rather spend the money to make more.

(12:58) Bad brands stay the same. Good brands keep adapting or keep changing.

(18:25) You gotta figure out what your brand is about. It's not going to be an overnight thing.

( 20:43) Now it's figuring out what you're truly passionate about and just being true to it and not trying to hide around it. Not trying to be fake just because it sells.

(34:25) Logically know that as fast as things come, they can go too.



Ed Stulak Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edstulak/

Ed Stulak TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@realtoroftiktok

Ed Stulak Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edstulak.realestate/

Coaching Website: https://igrecoaching.com/

DNRE26 - Damon Woodward: How To Create Win-Win Situations

DNRE26 - Damon Woodward: How To Create Win-Win Situations

December 16, 2020

“The first one is always tough.” This is true in so many levels, especially when it comes to real estate. If you are a newbie in this field, what things should you consider? What are the struggles that would come along the way? These are just some of the questions that our guest for today, Mr. Damon Woodward, would answer as he walks us down memory lane and tells us how he started his real estate journey.

Damon will share to us the basic principles of investment and the things we need to keep in mind to succeed in this venture. Whether you want to play it big or small, he has some tips and tricks for us to help us stay on the path of entrepreneurship.

But before anything else, let’s take a glimpse on Damon’s youth and see how these things have unveiled for him. In this episode, Damon talks about his humble beginnings living with his twin brother and mother. He had it simple and pretty much enjoyed his childhood alongside his peers.

Damon became a young entrepreneur when he started raking leaves on people’s lawn and got some money in return which he would use to buy the food that he likes. Little did he know that this mindset and experience would help make him successful today. From working on the mining industry for years to ultimately becoming successful in real estate, Damon is a living proof that hard work, proper training, and patience always pays off in the long run. Now, he is ready to tell us the secret formula on how to transition to real estate.


(1:19) Damon’s humble beginnings

(2:42) Damon shares about being a young entrepreneur

(4:57) Talks about being in a program for kids called SIL (Student Independent Living)

(5:13) Relates about how he owned a house at the age of 15 but gradually went downhill

(7:13) How his past experiences helped him develop the mindset he has now

(10:01) How he got into real estate

(11:16) How a man named Richard Dolan introduced him to real estate

(13:24) Talks about making connections along the way

(14:25) Damon tells us of the first ever real estate deal he closed

(17:32) Tips for newbies on where to start in the real estate industry

(19:21) Talks about how to build relationships

(21:37) Tips and tricks on how to invest even if you don’t have the capital yet

(22:37) Never underestimate proper training and education about real estate

(24:40) Challenges that you might encounter along the way

(30:39) Damon talks about the buy-and-hold strategy for multifamily properties

(34:13) He shares about Black Card University and Stefan Aarnio

(40:30) Why it is essential to have a coach or mentor



Here’s what you have missed:

  • There’s nothing wrong with being an entrepreneur at a young age
  • A formula you can use to start a business
  • How to gain courage to do something alone
  • How and where to start for newbies
  • Tricks on how to invest without having the means or money
  • What the multifamily buy-and-hold strategy is




(4:24) I don't think it was really about the money. I think I wanted to be respected. I think I wanted to just have a purpose.

(7:01) People that have a little bit of a colorful upbringing or a little bit of a colorful past—I'm finding now that they oftentimes make the best entrepreneurs.

(18:07) Try to flip first, even though wholesaling is still a really great place to start. But me personally, I started flipping right away.

(22:18) If somebody didn't have access to any capital or any credit, try to find a strong relationship with somebody that does have access to either some capital or some credits and just present an idea to them about it.

(24:30) Even if you only had a 10% stake in a deal, you're documenting your progress.

(25:20) The first one is always tough.

(32:41) It's just about developing the skills and having a really good system in place to be able to manage some of the projects.

(33:48) As long as you just start small and start simple, then you can work your way out over a period of time and you don't have to use any of your own resources or your own credit. But it certainly takes a little bit of work to learn.

(41:31) I was around people that were leveling up all the time. I was around people that were spending a ridiculous amount of money on their education. And I just started following the same pattern.

(43:17) No matter what happens, everything that we want is on the other side of something that is uncomfortable.



Damon Woodward Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGRB2ThfKr7SJaTD8mVZcIw

Damon Woodward Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/damon.woodward.14

Damon Woodward Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Damonwoodward3/

Damon Woodward Website: http://www.damonwoodward.com/

Blackcard University Website: https://blackcardu.com/

Damon Woodward LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damon-woodward-012372197/



People mentioned:

Richard Dolan

Stefan Aarnio




Books mentioned:

Hard Times Create Strong Men – By Stefan Aarnio




Money People Deal – By Stefan Aarnio



DNRE25 - Brian Adamson: How To Flip Homes Remotely

DNRE25 - Brian Adamson: How To Flip Homes Remotely

December 14, 2020

Coronavirus has gotten a lot of people to think that it is better to be their own boss. So, people started to invest on things with great value, for example real estate, which could guarantee them something big in return. But let’s face it—getting into real estate has never been easy, not to mention the growing number of competitors that enter the scene every year.

 So, what should we do to get ahead of our competitors and succeed? In today’s podcast, Mr. Brian Adamson will teach us the basic principles of flipping houses. He will share to us the most effective tips, tricks, and dos and don’ts in this industry.

Like most of us, Brian started from scratch. Nothing. He grew up in a normal family and had a roller-coaster-like ride in life as he got into troubles as a teenager and started a family of his own. But he welcomed God’s presence in his life and started to do things right—he went back to school and completed his college degree. Things then started looking great for Brian and his family. Little did he know that something big was coming his way, and that was when he was introduced to real estate investing. To this day, Brian has been sharing the same opportunity that he got through his online platforms. So, sit back, dig in, and take down notes as Brian tells us his amazing zero-to-hero story.

Here’s what you missed:

  • Leaning to God and trusting His ways
  • Why ignorance is expensive and why we can’t afford it
  • How Real Estate is a contact sport
  • How to analyze markets
  • Why having a second stream of income is not a luxury

(1:55) Brian shares his story when he was young

(2:28) He talks about how he found his turning point

(3:02) When he first got introduced to real estate investing

(8:15) How his business is going strong despite some downfalls

(14:28) He shares how they help aspiring real estate entrepreneurs

(15:43) Talks about the website, bestplaces.net

(18:16) Steps to bear in mind when flipping house

(20:47) How realtors are the ‘dinosaurs of the business’

(24:39) How to look for a potential buyer and land on your first sale

(29:31) Don’t be contented with having just one stream of income

(36:50) The importance of passing on knowledge to your kids instead of tangible things

(40:24) Don’t hold on to relationships that has expired already



(5:30) The yardstick by which we measure our success is typically that of the environment that we're confined to

(10:08) When you’re convinced about what you want out of life, you find a way

(20:49) Realtors are starting to become the ‘dinosaur of our business’

(25:19) You gotta put yourself out there, immerse yourself in those communities and start aligning yourself with other like-minded individuals

(32:05) Having a second stream of income is not a luxury

(33:17) Focus not only on active, but passive income as well.

(40:16) God uses people in your life for seasons, reasons, and lifetimes

(41:19) I wish I would've cut ties sooner.

(44:01) Faith is not the absence of fear. It's the presence of God.


IFlip University: https://www.iflip.university/optin34888585

BBR Education Group: https://www.bbrinvestmentgroup.com/

Brian Adamson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brian_adamson1/

DNRE24 - Sandy & Paki Judson - HOOD ESTATES: How To Find Your Niche In RE

DNRE24 - Sandy & Paki Judson - HOOD ESTATES: How To Find Your Niche In RE

December 9, 2020

In this pandemic age of insecurity, business owners today are facing a stream of uncertainty and dented income. As a real-estate investor, there may be a lot of times now you have to struggle with stress, due to a recession in your business. Even our own lives are at stake– with this COVID-19 virus lingering around endangering households. Presently, there may be already a lot of methods, solutions, or indefinite pathways to get by with this pandemic recession – but one thing. That something will be our discussion with our guest couple today – Paki and Sandy Judson. Let’s talk about these two family-oriented people from Miami who always had big dreams but down to earth people who – with strong emphasis on spirituality, obedience to God and generosity to people – were able to get back up in the most uncertain years of their lives.

Sandy grew up with none of those entrepreneurial backing or business directions from her family; she just wanted to finish college and get a job. Not until she saw Paki as an interest, and he came into her life. Paki at a young age of 17, asked Sandy – who’s barely 16 at that time – what’s her goals are. She answered him about her simple dreams which mostly what she saw from Tv – she admits she didn’t know how to dream further than that – not until she married Paki. She understood that she had to let him lead and show her outside of what she didn’t know. Meanwhile, Paki - who’s dad was an architect, a mother who was a teacher, a grandpa who had a daycare, and an uncle who had a carwash service – definitely had some form of entrepreneurship.  His father started a first fully black owned architectural firm in Miami, where he got his first introduction to entrepreneurship as a business owner – those are the foundation his father and grandfather instilled in him.  What lit the fire in Paki realizing that his purpose is bigger than him, was the day after he comforted his friend who lost a mother. His dad died at an early age of 57 after just giving a speech to a ceremony of a building in Miami that his father designed. The death of his father made him realize the need for passive income- his father didn’t have multiple streams of income; the only source was just from an architecture firm where everything depended on his father.

Paki and Sandy are pioneers in trucking industry. But before that, there come a time that he wanted to get into the music game industry, make a big name out of it and use the money for real-estate investment. His dad advised to get into real-estate first before getting into music. However, he did the former. What really made him into real-estate was one of the clients he had in his music studio – whom he didn’t charged upon knowing that the project he was doing was for youth groups for the Church. He’s indeed blessed by God, since the person in-charge of that youth group was a big man in real-estate business, whom in turn mentored Paki about real-estate. He walked Paki through out his first two to three deals for free. Fast forward, they ended up going on to do over a million dollars in deals the next year after. They’ve earnt and gained for years not until the year 2008 came. Not having a business mindset, not understanding money management, not having a relationship with their money – they lost it all and became homeless for three years. There were even nights when they had to sleep in the car, or jumping around friend’s and family’s house just to get by.

Being humble, open, allowing God to lead them through generous people who later become their grandparents, Paki and Sandy was able to grab an opportunity to get back into their business. The knowledge they had mustered up while industriously working and persevering made them able to be put in a building with other investors that later changed their lives. They became investors, were able to save money for the hotel they owned in Jacksonville that introduced them to trucking business, which in turn made them start HoodEstates™️. In this podcast, Paki and Sandy shared to us how they were able to get back up from a recession in their lives; how they walked through pathways and indefinite routes but still staying faithful that God will guide and lead them to opportunities and success – in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also be able to lean on God for His purpose to you to make you successful in your life as well as real-estate career. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as the couple shares their touching life-story and wisdom.


Here’s What You Missed:


  • Helping People to Dream Big: Show, not Force
  • Your Purpose is Bigger than you
  • Passive and Multiple Streams of Income – A Necessity Nowadays
  • Lean in and walk in God’s Purpose vs Tradition
  • Being humble, open and ready for Opportunities
  • The Value you Get is based on the Value you Give
  • Trust Yourself, Love Yourself
  • No Sacrifice, No Reward


Knowledge Nuggets:

[03:38] just being a part of one of the biggest moments in other people’s lives – like times when most people are buying and selling a house when getting married or having kids – is really exciting

[07:55] …to help someone dream big, or to put a big vision on somebody: show and not try to force it on them. It’s important for people to visualize what they want, and physically go see it.

[12:22] “…the vision can be complete; but it doesn’t mean you’re going to go the route that you think is going to go.” You can get to the destination by different routes. It’s like a GPS, to get from here to there – I can take this road, and take that road and end up there…

[13:15] “…Your purpose has nothing to do with you. Your purpose is not for you…” The reality of it is – whatever God purposed me to do was for somebody else. Just like somebody else’s’ purpose is for me. So, we were created that way to always need each other.  What I need for me I have to an extent, but the other part is in somebody else.

[17:14] That’s what put me into – I got to have passive income. I got to have multiple streams of income, and more importantly, I need the time and freedom to spend with my family, because we never know. You never know when that last day will be

[18:00] We decided to change our mindset about life and work; we decided to change how we live.

[19:01] Don’t let anybody push tradition on you. Tradition can be such a hindrance because that’s what we were taught, that this is the route you take.

[20:05] “We just had to figure it out with God… the only way to figure it out is quiet time.” Everyday is a new day – it’s about our plans. Our mentality, our own direction.

[20:21] Proverbs 19:21 – God’s plan is not your plan. He will, if you give it to Him, will tread you in the direction that you’re supposed to go, and it will come easy. That’s what you got to seek, and be still in understanding what God wants you to be. It may take a while, and it’s okay to be scared. Yet, darkness is not scary because God is the light in that room.

[25:29] A gem that I always tell people: “You always have to be open to hear from God is never what you think of what you want. You always have to enter into every situation being humble, not because of the person you’re dealing with – but because of the God that you deal with.”

[26:20] “We’re not blessed by works. We’re blessed by obedience.” We usually look to receive instead of give. You have to give in order to receive, not expecting it to come from the person who you gave it to.

[30:09] If you’re flipping real-estate, there’s nothing wrong with it. But that’s not investing. That’s your real-estate entrepreneur – that you’re not a real-estate investor, because if you stop flipping, it stops happening and the money stops coming in.

[32:36] You never take your personal money and put it into business. Not having a business mindset, not understanding money management, not having a relationship with our money…- that’s how we lost. We lost everything on that.

[34:16] “Y’all a good seed. Good seeds. Y’all just in a bad soil. And a good seed can’t grow in bad soil. It can’t produce harvest in bad soil.

[37:21] There’s still a plan that God has, even when we go wrong. Even when we veer off, when we decided to take our own rout, God still has a plan for our life, regardless of what we do. And He will put you in the places that you need to be, if you just step back and let Him lead.

[38:45] We always want something. You want something? Get to work. The opportunity will find you; the blessing will find you. You don’t always have to have the experience as long as you know what you’re doing.

[46:10] The value you bring will always dictate what you get.

[50:51] I’m not saying you go into business ignorant. What I’m saying is sometimes, knowing too much is what prohibits you. It holds you back too much red-tape; not having to see and know everything before you start. Sometimes you just got to get out there and start, figure things out as you go.

[53:39] It was so small back then, but now multiple streams of income are coming in from assets and businesses that we have. It’s nothing we mastered. It was nothing that was taught to us. The obedience and letting God lead will offset your ignorance.  A lot of things that you don’t know and don’t understand will take you in those areas where you normally would have failed at, and allow you to succeed instead.

[1:00:05] You can’t put new wine in old wine. Way before we became homeless, God gave us 60 some thousand dollars to start over, but we we’re trying to still try and don’t want to start over. Like I told people, we became homeless way longer than we were supposed to be. This is all hard-headedness. Even though all that worst night and darkest time, God still had us.

[1:03:47] Trust yourself. You got to learn how to trust your gut because that’s where your discernment comes from. I can’t give nothing if I haven’t given it to myself first. Anything from life, relationships business, you gotta know you, you gotta trust you. You gotta love you. – Sandy Judson

[1:04:39] Stop looking for comfort in the sacrifice. All these stories, was longer than what it should have been. The reason it was longer than what it should have been because in every situation I was trying to find comfort in the sacrifice. No sacrifice = No reward. Get on some good soil. – Paki Judson

                [1:10:36] That’s what I would tell that person: If you feel like you don’t have it. It’s okay. Turn off the TV, get off social media, put the phone away, get into a quit room and spend some alone time with you and God. Take steps of faith, be obedient. You’ll know how you’re to know when you try it. Still, go. Do it scared.

                [1:11:57] Take a pencil and a paper. Write down all your pros and cons. As you look at them both, stop questioning yourself and understand that it will take some time for you to remove it on bad habits, but you better root for you in the midst of all that.

Important Reads and Links:


Paki and Sandy Judson’s HoodEstates™️ Webinar:



HoodEstates™️ Website:           http://hoodestates.com/

HoodEstates™️ Instagram:         https://www.instagram.com/hoodestates/

HoodEstates™️ Facebook:         https://www.facebook.com/HoodEstates1/

HoodEstates™️ Twitter:             https://twitter.com/hoodestates?lang=en

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DNRE22 - Tina Beliveau: How To Deliver An Elite Real Estate Experience

DNRE22 - Tina Beliveau: How To Deliver An Elite Real Estate Experience

December 2, 2020

In a socially distant environment today, many real-estate entrepreneurs are challenged in a lot of ways. The New normal affects buyers and sellers alike. Managing your business and your team in this isolation-heavy community of today might be undergoing its stormiest season in years. Figure out how to deal with these challenges with our guest today – Tina Beliveau. Let’s talk a bit about who Tina Beliveau is behind the success of The Beliveau Group – a real estate company with a mission to “create and cultivate community”.

After having successfully undergone recovery steps from substances and social anxieties during high-school, Tina had an early start as an agent in 2003 when she took real-estate as a side job during her freshman year in college. As an assistant to a successful real-estate family friend, she underwent good mentorship and training until she graduated in 2007 and worked full time. When markets were heading downwards during the years that followed after, she took that time to figure out how to find people who needed to move, how to serve them – which helped her grew her listing business. Even though the income was very unbalanced during her first years, she puts a lot of effort into building relationships and nurturing them. Fast forward, working full time as a franchise manager into a general manager of three franchises, there came challenging times when she had to deal with as a team leader and manager. People come and go, decisions were made; she has to decide for herself which pathway to take and when to take that big leap.

Most of the things in this line of business she learned by doing; mistakes were made but she had to learn from them and assessing the next steps after. She had to persevere getting underpaid for the extreme responsibilities and heavy-load she had. She even had moments where she questioned herself Was this really for me? Why am I doing this? She needs to take back and consider things for herself and figure out a good environment to aid her in those trying times. Today? Her diverse set of skills and experiences, along with committed team members – made her real estate company, The Beliveau group a successful top-ranked team that has served over 1,500 buyers and sellers throughout the Baltimore Metro area. In this podcast, Tina shared humbling yet life-changing decisions she had to take in her life, in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also be able to overcome the challenging heavy-weights of the real-estate business in this pandemic year. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as Tina shares her life story with us.

Here’s What You Missed


  • Organic Ways to connect with people
  • Building relationships and nurturing them, matters
  • A Mastery of One Platform first, before the next
  • Sharing Actual Value through Story-telling vs Mainstream Social Media Marketing Posts
  • Listening more than Talking, more effective than heavy marketing
  • How valuable committed people are in teams




Knowledge Nuggets:

[3:39] the thing that people stumble on the most is just getting through that first six to 24 months of getting up and running and having consistent income

[3:54] there are people who needed to move, learn how to serve them as it relates to what’s happening in the market. Finding a good market

[5:07] I think that buyer bond is a little different than the seller relationship

[7:26] the biggest struggle that agents have is generally a lead generation and lead conversion problem

[8:33] When you don’t have a lot of momentum, it’s hard to get that going. Most people get stuck. Find something that you enjoy doing, virtual or in real life, that would be fun, interactive. Find momentum and build on it

[10:33] …just being a connector, somebody who puts things together for other people. i.e especially with pandemic, a lot of people feel stuck and there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, no end in sight, not always creating solutions. Find something that you can do to give, serve, or bring joy to other people.

[13:48] Don’t overwhelm yourself. Do one thing that you can win at… add the next thing only when you have more capacity to do so.

[15:36] Planting those seeds and nurturing for years. Started small and private, but keeping the connections and engagements going, growing the capacity to thousands of people

[19:00] People don’t want to be attacked with marketing over and over again; rather, they want to hear the behind scenes and inner workings of real-estate. Everyone loves real-estate, and constantly fascinated by it

[21:18] Capture it while it’s fresh, and ideally post it right away. I just film it right then and there while it’s fresh, because I do know that when the inspiration disappears later, it’s never going to happen; and I’m never as articulate as when I’m excited.

[23:32] I was just learning by doing, and that’s just sometimes not the most efficient way to learn. Made mistakes- learn from them, and then asses the next steps.

[24:07] sometimes it can be tough to keep sales talent for years and years. Heartaches. Sometimes they’ll join your team because they don’t have any leads. Then overtime, they build a database, and they don’t necessarily see the point in staying on the team for 10-15 years.

[27:00] Surround yourself with a couple of people who really get what you are going through. People who can affirm how you are feeling, and could offer words of wisdom. Rely on dependable and committed people when going through emotional journey.

[27:36] sometimes it really sucks when things don’t work out. it’s okay to be honest about that and ideally keep moving forward.

[30:50] being under compensated and never saying a peep. There are at point when you are doing lots of things and having lots of responsibilities like having the weight of the world on your shoulders, but almost becoming like a martyr with it all.

[32:00] Let me back up, and assess what I’m really doing and where I’m doing it… I just didn’t have an open mind, it really robbed me of a serious wealth building. She had to make decision, even though it took a different path

[35:47] if somebody wants to come work with me and be in my little world and learn from me and feed off my energy, they are totally welcome. BUT IM NOT GOING TO CHASE ANYBODY. Focus on my real-estate team. Take good care of my clients and team members.

[41:25] The thing I love about real-estate, among many other things, is that it is such an entrepreneurial business… It can be a vehicle for whatever you want. For me, it’s a vehicle of having space in my life to do other things that feed me spiritually to have control over my life, but also to be of service to others

[43:57] You are not alone. It’s natural that you’re putting yourself in a growth situation. A lot of time we suffer in isolation; reach out, tell somebody what’s going on. A burden shared is a burden lessened.


Important Reads and Links:


Recommended books:

       The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks:


       The Four Agreements – A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz


Beliveau Team Links:





Tina Beliveau Instagram:           https://www.instagram.com/tinabeliveau/?hl=en

Tina Beliveau Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/Tina.Beliveau


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