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DNRE38 - Travis Chappell: Establishing Your Own Brand

DNRE38 - Travis Chappell: Establishing Your Own Brand

January 27, 2021

Most of the time, people expect us to become someone we don’t want to be, which can lead us in choosing between meeting other people’s expectations and doing the thing that makes us happy. It’s the same for our guest for today, Mr. Travis Chappell.


Travis spent most of his childhood in a religious community. Having his interests shut down by most people around him, he felt disheartened. But all it took was one person to validate him, for him to continue pursuing his dreams. Despite the little disappointment, his family still supported him on his journey.


In this episode, join us finding out how Travis transitioned from being the church boy he was, to becoming a podcasting consultant and real estate investor.

DNRE37 - Chris Senegal: Leveraging Through Your Frustrations

DNRE37 - Chris Senegal: Leveraging Through Your Frustrations

January 25, 2021

Are you one of those people who get so caught up in your nine to five day to day job that you often forget to start working on your exit strategy? Or are you someone who wants to start working on your exit strategy but afraid it might not work out for you? From having a boss to being your own boss, how does that sound for you?


In today’s episode, let’s hear from Mr. Buy Back the Block, Chris Senegal, how he was able to start working his way out early on, to becoming a social impact investor, real estate developer and entrepreneurship advocate that he is now.


The first company Chris built was Invictus Properties and Holdings, a buy, fix, and rent real estate company with properties in Houston, TX and Memphis, TN. But before all of that, he first had a corporate job right after college just like most people. Find out how he’s crushing the real estate biz through crowdfunding and buying back the block. 

DNRE36 Matthew Garland: How To Know Your Mortgages Inside Out

DNRE36 Matthew Garland: How To Know Your Mortgages Inside Out

January 20, 2021

Matthew Garland, better known as The Mortgage Guy, comes to the show today to share his expertise about mortgages. But more than that, he dropped so many knowledge nuggets about entrepreneurship, money management, hustler mindset, and unwavering determination to rise despite the odds.


MG has been in the business for 17 years, and he did not have it the easy way. He had a rough childhood. He shares that he grew up in Brooklyn and in Queens, which would mean he has been exposed to a lot of things. Unfortunately, he had to endure bad environments, such as exposure to drugs and crime. He had one great example though, his father. Even in the absence of a caring mother, his father filled the gap and taught him important life lessons. Growing up, he saw his father's outstanding work ethic. There's one problem though, he was not taught about proper money management. He thought that being poor is normal, and that living paycheck to paycheck is the way to be.


When he accidentally entered the world of money management though as a loan officer, he made some decent money. The money won't last long in his hands though. It vanishes as soon as it comes. Then the recession came. In this podcast, MG will be sharing the hardships he had to go through during this time, but how he regards it as a blessing. We will then come to understand the difference between the past recession compared with the hard times we are dealing with right now- the pandemic. Different factors affecting loan approval were tackled, as well as strategies to build your investments faster. I know for sure that you will want to repeatedly rewind this fire episode!

DNRE35 - Tommy Holt Jr.: How To Crush Wholesaling

DNRE35 - Tommy Holt Jr.: How To Crush Wholesaling

January 19, 2021

Veteran, police officer, gym owner, investor, community helper; he’s a man of many faces and a continuous drive. Tommy shares his beginnings, his first exposures to entrepreneurship and how he shares knowledge to anyone willing to put in the WORK.-

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DNRE34 - Mike Ayala: How To Invest In Freedom

DNRE34 - Mike Ayala: How To Invest In Freedom

January 13, 2021

Are you frustrated because it seems like nothing is going according to how you want or plan? How can we transition from a negative to a positive mindset? That is what we are going to learn from our podcast guest today, Mr. Mike Ayala.

Growing from a rough childhood, Mike learned some meaningful life lessons while still young. He had his first job cleaning a doctor’s office when he was 12. At 15, he worked in a restaurant then eventually became a cook. He was just so optimistic about life and believed that nothing can beat hard work.

Having no one in the family who had entrepreneurial experience, he had it tough when he became the first in their family to start a business. And the rest is history, which is why he is here with us today to share important tips on how to surround ourselves with the right people and having the right mindset. So, buckle up, and definitely jot down important notes as we give him our full attention on this podcast!

DNRE33 - Avery Carl: How To Win With Short Term Rentals

DNRE33 - Avery Carl: How To Win With Short Term Rentals

January 11, 2021

Are you just starting out as a real estate agent? Or maybe you’re a seasoned agent but you’re considering other niches in the real estate industry? Would you want to look into whether or not it is still a good time now to invest in real estate, specifically in rental properties when we are currently bound by restrictions? Well, you are in for a treat because today, our podcast guest, Avery Carl, is sharing the secret behind her success in closing just under $150 million in sales in the year 2020. They were able to scale up and own the vacation rental properties niche in Smoky Mountain, Destin in Florida, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach areas.


Avery says that other than her success in real estate, she is a wife and a mother of two young kids. She went into real estate with the intention of having more time with her family. In the beginning, though, she was in the music industry business, going on tours when she was around 18 to 24 years old. She and her husband moved to Nashville to get her master’s degree, and there, she was introduced to real estate. After they got their first rental property, they went all in and dive in onto the business, devouring all the information they can get their hands on.


Fast forward to today, she is the owner of The Short Term Shop, which features the best real estate search for homes, condos, land, and foreclosure properties in the most profitable vacation rental markets. They help their clients win in short-term rental investments. In this podcast, she shares the secret to her success, how you can win in short-term rental markets as an investor and as an agent working with investors. She also shares her new brokerage, what sets it apart from others, and how you could prepare for the success that is coming your way. Get ready to be inspired as Avery takes us on her success journey.


DNRE32 - Collin Schwartz: How To Educate Yourself On Your First 2 Years

DNRE32 - Collin Schwartz: How To Educate Yourself On Your First 2 Years

January 6, 2021

How hard is it to be successful these days where competition is everywhere? We all wanted to be successful using the passion that we have. Our podcast guest for today, Mr. Collin Schwartz, will share with us his story of success.

Growing up, Collin had a normal childhood. He went to college and got his degree. He had already shown eagerness in learning as he got his master’s degree while he was working in a grocery chain. Realizing that he wanted to work towards achieving his own dream, Collin quit his job and established his own business in real estate.

Let’s all learn from his experience as we put ourselves in his shoes through this podcast and be sure to take his reminders and advice which will surely help us to become as successful as he is someday.


Here’s what you missed:

  • The importance of having someone who has more knowledge than you
  • Finding your passion and working on it
  • Learn to negotiate


(1:32) Collin talks about making videos

(8:26) Talks about Tai Lopez

(9:02) Talks about Gary V

(14:26) Shares about the importance of being passionate about something

(17:56) Talks about his childhood

(19:04) The day that changed his life

(20:23) His journey with real estate has started

(27:47) Shares the steps on how to find the deal

(30:54) Learning new things and learning from mistakes

(35:44) Talks about how negotiation works




(12:00) Real estate is 100% entrepreneurship. If somebody wants to learn how to start a business, get into real estate. Buy a house and run it like a business. It'll teach you everything, seriously.

(14:31) Really focused on, or at least what I got out of it, is maximize your best attribute.

(17:31) First, give back to your family and then, start giving back to others.

(19:17) So if anybody's listening to this has not read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and you want to be an investor, you want to get passive income, you want to shift your mindset, turn this off, go pick it up right now.

(21:54) So that is the absolute hardest part because, in the beginning, you've been surrounding yourself with people that aren't affiliated with any of this at all.

(23:36) You got to educate yourself at first.

(26:02) I also had to train my mind to stay strong on it because when you start, it is incredibly hard.

(28:08) Know how much money or the resources that you have to invest with.

(29:23) This is why it's so important to find somebody with more knowledge than you.

(39:39) What's really important is give them information about yourself and build up a relationship.

(49:01) So it's really just being consistent, pushing them, keeping the open lines.



Collin Schwartz BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/CollinSchwartz

Collin Schwartz Phone number: (402) 536-0580



People mentioned:

Tai Lopez

Gary V


Books Mentioned:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller





DNRE31 - Rashauna Scott: How To Raise Private Capital

DNRE31 - Rashauna Scott: How To Raise Private Capital

January 4, 2021

Another year has just entered and we are thrilled to start it with a big-time podcast guest! Are you someone who is studying and doing real estate at the same time? Are you feeling torn over which to focus on first or doubting if you can do them both? Today’s podcast guest knows exactly how that feels, since she found herself in that situation when she was young.

Rashauna Scott, who grew up with six siblings and being the youngest girl, grew to be an ambitious woman who was able to know what she wanted at a young age. She became interested with money-generating things which fueled up her thirst with investing as she became an adult.

But she was having second thoughts about what she was doing. In fact, she wasn’t sure whether she should continue being an entrepreneur or just give it all up. Good thing she had good people around her who pushed her to continue her career as a real estate investor! Now she’s on the podcast to share her story with high hopes that we learn from it as well.

Let’s all sit back and listen to her story of success as we also look back and think deeply about the things we are most probably doing wrong, especially if we are on the same journey she’s been through.