DreamNation Real Estate Podcast with Casanova Brooks

DNRE69 - Best Time to Get Started in Real Estate

May 14, 2021

Some people wait for the right timing before taking leaps, especially big ones. But if the leap you’re planning to take is getting your real estate career started, timing should not be the only thing you take into consideration because you can start anytime. Real estate won’t go anywhere anytime soon. What you should really know beforehand is how you can get your systems right, how you can leverage your resources, how to manage your time properly, and most importantly, how you can give value to people you build relationships with.


Quotes and Advice from our host:

  • “I believe that everything starts with a dream and those of us who dare to dream while the rest of the world is settling for what society will tell us is our reality. We're the ones who stay in to be trailblazers and change-makers.” (01:38)
  • “...everybody could tell you no, but nobody could tell you yes.” (02:44)
  • “...he or she who owns the land makes the rules.” (03:30)
  • “Keep in mind, everyone wants to be educated so they're smart about the whole process and they also want communication.” (10:55)
  • “Marketing is always going to be your best gift.” (15:02)


Books, Mentions, and Links:

Mike Ferry 

Tom Ferry 

BNI: Business Networking International 

Center Sphere