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DNRE12 - Bethany King: How To Win In Your First Year Of Real Estate

DNRE12 - Bethany King: How To Win In Your First Year Of Real Estate

October 28, 2020

Being authentic will give you business. This is one of the greatest takeaways we got from today's episode with Ms. Bethany King. In this episode, she shared about how being authentic will actually help you accelerate your business as opposed to a rehearsed facade. Learn how people will love the real you, how to stand out, and how to find your voice.


Bethany is a single mother to a six-year-old girl from whom she draws her strength and forms her values. She wanted to be the best example for her. She actually well educated, emerging from a corporate world before she locked in on real estate. She experienced so many things. She went to school for fashion years ago and did well in the fashion industry and worked her way up the corporate ladder. Then she moved to the food service industry. She bought chocolate for the biggest Canadian retailer and it was about a $10 million business weekly. Then moved there into the federal government. People around her actually envy her and always tell her how lucky she is to be able to have a secured retirement and secured job for all her working years, but she did not feel the same way. She felt that whatever she does, she still can't afford to live. She can't afford to have a roof over her head. She felt home-ownership is really tough for her generation to break into. She knew she'll need to find another way.


That's where real estate came. She initially went for the money. She knew there's money in real estate. But she also felt being of help to other people gives her immense satisfaction. Today, she is a real estate agent and team leader based in Canada, helping other women blase a similar successful path in real estate. Today she’s given huge nuggets for you to learn from too! Be sure to take heed and take notes!



Here’s What You Missed


  • The reason why she left corporate world and why she chose real estate
  • How to build relationships in real estate
  • Lead generation and converting them
  • How to set up boundaries for your business
  • Should first time agents keep their work part-time or be full-time in real estate?
  • How’s joining real estate during pandemic?


Knowledge Nuggets


[6:36] On why she left her government job for real estate: I decided to go into real estate because no matter what I did, I still couldn't afford to live. I was so depressed and I was so broken internally and I hated my life. I hated my job. I had to wake up at 5:30 every morning, drive an hour. you have to always think like these companies, in these industries, in these organizations, you're an employee for them. They don't care about your home life. They don't care if you have kids. If the numbers don't add up, then you'll be gone for the next day.


[8:13] It became really important for me to be able to build something for myself that was mine. I'm like, how can I take everything that I've learned and do it for myself and build my own legacy?


[12:01] If you just take that leap and trust yourself, you can do this, right? It's not rocket science. You can totally do this and I'm going to show you how


[14:48] What it takes to do well in this business is to build relationships. Obviously you have to know the market, you have to know what you're talking about. You need to know how to build a relationship with someone, know how to walk into somebody's house, who needs to sell and understand their motives and genuinely do a good job.


[19:36] I'm not anti lead generation, but even when you get leads, how do you convert them? You could get like hundreds of leads of people who don't know you, love you, trust you. And they're useless to you if you don't know how to build connections. So you build relationships by connecting with your lead or your client about something that is 100% not real estate related. How can you service your client if you don't have a picture of them in your mind? People want authenticity. They crave realness.


[26:04] Your intellect is valued, and I want you to consider yourself at the same level of a doctor or a lawyer, right? You wouldn't call your doctor at 10 o'clock at night or your lawyer. Your time is valuable, even starting out in this business and you need to pick the clients that you want to work with.


[28:46] Based on my experience, you definitely have to jump in full time 100%


[30:30] This is the best time to get into this industry because now the real players are going to shine.


[35:30] So my best advice given the circumstances of the current economy and the markets, is to lock in and understand what is happening in your direct market. How does this pandemic affected business where you live or where you trade and how can you capitalize on it?[40:50] IN Ryan Serhant's book, he challenge himself to have five meaningful conversations every single day. I tell my girls that as well, you need to talk to people. Know what you're doing and understand your why cause there is no book that's going to give you the secret sauce. You gotta get out there and do the work, but you can do it.


[43:33] I think that we need to give ourselves a little bit more credit. And yeah, it is scary being self employed and putting yourself out there, like how you have to do in real estate. But the fact that you've taken this step to get into this industry, and you've acknowledged that you want to make a career in your own business and to be self employed, that is enough.


[48:05] In that moment when I was so authentically myself, that is what accelerated my business.



Important Reads and Links


Bethany King Website:                              https://bethany-king.c21.ca/            

Bethany King Instagram:                           https://www.instagram.com/_kingrealestate               

Bethany King LinkedIn:                             https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bethanyking1      


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DNRE11 - Bryan Casella: How To Use Your Voice In Real Estate

DNRE11 - Bryan Casella: How To Use Your Voice In Real Estate

October 26, 2020

Bryan Casella, our podcast guest for today, is someone who definitely knows what adversity feels, how pivoting affects life, and how being consistent helps you win. Bryan is born to immigrant parents, who immigrated to the United States with no understanding of the language. His father worked as a truck driver, and his mother is an assistant at the doctor’s office. He had two brothers who were born in Argentina. His grandfather died when his dad was only 14, so he had to shoulder the responsibility of being the breadwinner which cost him his soccer career. Back in their country, it was taught that money is the root of all evil, and those of their origin has no shot of being a millionaire. With no financial background, it is really inspiring how Bryan reached the success he had today.


Part of the reason why he succeeded is attributed to his early love for basketball. At age nine to ten, he fell in love with basketball. He dedicated his life to it, joined the varsity in school, got a scholarship, played in college, then went overseas to play for a couple of years. Life turned upside down when he got injured multiple times in the same ankle. His years of focus and extremely hard work went downhill, as after his third season it became difficult for him to pass physical exams due to his injury. He even did not walk after his injury for about six months! That experience weighed on him, physically and mentally. Until he decided he needed to give up his basketball career and shift careers.


He said he was done playing victim. He taught long and hard on which path he’ll take next. He remembered a colleague from school whose dad is in real estate. He contacted him, they talked and decided he’ll be in. Just after a couple of months in his real estate journey, he started social media and filming his growth through YouTube, Through that medium, he gathered a lot of followers with whom he connected and made business with. In this podcast, Bryan shared about all the hardships they had to go through as a family, as an athlete, and as an entrepreneur. He shares how he trained his mindset to be a winner and not a victim of adversities. He shares about using social media, particularly YouTube in reaching your audience. How important it is to understand psychology, body language, and negotiations, that even though you did not have the lavish lifestyle and grand car, people will see how knowledgeable and successful you are in what you do. Be prepared to be inspired in life and in building your real estate career with Bryan Casella!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Bryan’s early life and fall of basketball career
  • The power of videos
  • Do you need Zillow?
  • How to excel in YouTube
  • Should you join eXp?
  • How to get away with the indoctrinated belief in us, but listening to your gut feeling


Knowledge Nuggets


[5:54] I took that student mentality. Instead of showing up to the gym and the basketball court, I'm showing up to the office now. I just got to change the role, but keep that same energy and transfer it to real estate.


[9:14] There's this celebrity/expert effect that the video creates. I was just really sharing my journey, but the other part was this whole phenomenon we're seeing with video now. I saw the power in it long before other people did. And I knew I just had to jump on it.


[12:43] Video now has gone from a luxury to what I believe now to be a necessity if you want to market yourself and Bryand yourself in this new age, because again, that's where the attention is. The crazy part is this is all free.


[13:34] I've learned in my life too, whether it's basketball or real estate and social media is you gotta do the work. You just got to get up and do it. And as you go along the journey, you'll figure out.


[15:46] On Zillow: They're trying to sell us that our techniques don't work and that they're old school yet they are using those techniques to try to sell us.


[21:28] On YouTube: It is such a bigger reach and has such a bigger impact even than what we thiink it's one of those undeniable kind of feelings and energies that you get because when I look backand especially to where it's at now, it's undeniable. Just the amount of influence you can have by making videos. It's growing much quicker than I thought it would which is the icing on the cake.


[24:43] On joining eXp: the KV core was incredible and helped me on the business side. So not to mention all the stock options and all that other stuff. I feel like all the errors that I'm running into with other companies, this company handled for me.Everything's cloud based and we're good to go. So it just seemed like they were a step or two ahead of everybody. I'm so glad that I made that decision because I see where it's going. I see where it's gone so far. And I'm just excited  because I've been super happy. I haven't had any issues with them and the growth that they've had been incredible.


[30:05] On perceived 'recruitment' by eXp by others: Everyone that I've met, including myself, all the other teams that I know that move to exp were focused on production and the recruitment aspect is more like a secondary type of thing where for me, most of my recruiting is done through social media passively.


[36:20] I went deep into the evolutionary psychology, the genetic makeup of the male and the woman, how we interact as a species. Read a lot of books, started studying body language and negotiations and all that. I just want to be an assassin when it comes to communication.


[42:14] On how to create content for YouTube: "if I'm going to start and do real estate videos, what composes real estate? And I started just writing stuff on my board. if I'm going to start and do real estate videos, what composes real estate? I'm just going to show people what I do every day. I make calls. I visit clients. I go door to door. I go to the office. I study and I role play my scripts. I study the contracts, that's it. Then I'm evolving... So it was very spontaneous at the same time, even though I prepared a lot on the board. And I think that is what kept that air of like authenticity to what I was doing."


[45:28] I think the dream is just staying in tune and connected to that voice and listening to yourself and saying, okay, my mind might be saying this because of what everybody told me, but my gut, my instinct, it's telling me, my heart is saying, do this.


[47:44] So we have two belief systems governing our mind now. We have the one that was indoctrinated into us by our family, friends, wherever you want to say. And then we have our own inner voice. So it's a matter of getting to the inner voice. But until you put it on paper, you don't know what's up in your mind. Then you can work on it.


Important Reads and Links



BOOK MJ DeMarco. He wrote a book called The Millionaire Fastlane,

book; the secrets of the millionaire mind by T Harv Eker

people: Jim Rome. Anthony Robbins

BOOK: I just want to be an assassin when it comes to communication



DNRE10 - Jay Kinder: Undestand The Secrets Of The Market

DNRE10 - Jay Kinder: Undestand The Secrets Of The Market

October 21, 2020

Jay Kinder shared in this episode how he built his mega empire brokerage, and tips on how you can build yours too! Are you someone who’s trying to find a great real estate team to learn from? Are you a real estate agent who’s undergoing difficulties right now? Do you plan on building your own team? Are you looking for partners for you to excel and succeed in real estate? Look no further! In this podcast episode, you’ll be mentored by is one of the real estate's most influential people. Today, he is recruiting some of the top teams and agents in the business to eXp Realty. Recruiting some of the top teams and agents in the business to eXp Realty. If you are looking to hear from a tenured agent, who has done a lot in the business and who discovered which systems actually work and which do not, you’ve come to the perfect podcast.


Jay lived out in the country. He got no brothers or sisters and studied in a small school. He really did not know where to he’d like to go or which path he’ll take. But there was one thing he was almost sure about: He’ll not do real estate. So ironic that he’s one of the top agents today! It was because of his dad who was actually in real estate. He did not like how he was always busy and unavailable for vacations. He was always present in his business and Jay did not like that idea. In his high school days, Jay used to work for his father, mowing the properties his dad is dealing with. After a month’s work, he’ll receive a $400 check. On the other hand, a broker receives a $5000 check of which Jay feels that the agent did not even do a hard job (at least in his eyes)! That’s when he knew he’ll give real estate a chance.


After several mentorships and taking classes, Jay went two feet in real estate. In his first year, he did 20 deals. Two years later when he was 22 years old, he was doing 3-400 sales a year, with a 531/year peak. He built an A-team. He started coaching when he successfully mentored a friend, who did twice as much as he did, following a system he taught. However, when building mega brokerage teams, Jay found a loophole. He saw that overtime his best people will resign to build their own. He felt there was something missing with his system. He fought with the feeling of wanting to perfect the system or accepting that someone else’s system might be better. That’s when eXp came to light. Having realized he can not build a system like how eXp does, he dives into the company, and true enough, he claims he’s been living the best life he could. Listen to this episode in full to understand why he feels that way, what are the differences he saw and how you can utilize this company. He also shared his ups and downs in building his businesses, including building a team, a partnership, what to do when business is crashing and how to train your mindset to keep going. This has been lit, so be prepared to be fired up!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Do you need to try everything to learn?
  • What happened to Jay’s business during the 2007’s market crash?
  • What will help you to keep going even though everything else seems to crash?
  • The problems on building Real Estate mega teams brokerage
  • What makes eXp standout
  • Tip to train the mindset


Knowledge Nuggets


[9:40] I couldn't have told you how I had become successful because I've done so many things that didn't work, but I tried everything. eventually you find things to work, but like I did a lot of things that didn't work. So it took a little longer for me to become successful, but Mike didn't make mistakes.


[11:24] And this is my secret to success: I'm going to mess up. But I'm going to find whoever the best in the world is, and I'm going to pay them. I got to pay them to learn what it is that they know, because somebody probably has the answer somewhere.


[15:16] If you're going through some stuff , keep going. Because on the other side of it is the lessons that you take away and you learn, that really helped you with getting to the success that you were tasting in the first place, but there's no easy road, that's for sure.


[16:33] If you have sales and marketing skills, anybody can build a business to a million, I believe with a couple of key people with you, right? Like you need a couple people that can do the things you can't do and that you shouldn't be doing.


[17:50] If you have sales and marketing skills, anybody can build a business to a million, I believe with a couple of key people with you, right? Like you need a couple people that can do the things you can't do and that you shouldn't be doing.


[19:08] Problem on building mega teams: Your best people leave and go out on their own. And unless you can create opportunity for those best people, eventually are gonna leave you because they I'm going to stay on that split forever. If they want to go to the next level and become like you and build their own business, then you know, you got to have a solution for that.               


[26:03] On building the coaching business: Ownership was a key thing


[29:47] On ego: "I'm not going to push my vision aside just because I see a better business model." That's the little voice in your head. "You can do it to Jay. You can do it " No, you gotta assume that you're wrong or your way's better.


34:27] On eXp: To do that and to even consider doing that in the beginning was not an easy decision, but yet it was because I just believed in the model, we tried everything to solve and it just solved the biggest problems that we had seen. And it created opportunity bigger than what you could create for yourself. I'm at 3,400 agents in eXp and I have zero costs and zero overhead whatsoever.


[36:46]  I found my success by learning from others. And unfortunately the brick and mortar model is not conducive to learning. You have to get outside. Nobody was in your office is going to tell you what's working for them nobody was in your office is going to tell you what's working for them. Maybe somebody else had rematch from another market. The eXp is different, we're in alignment.


[39:22] What eXp founder said: "We're going to make the opportunity big enough that the right people will join us and help grow this company." If you aspire to be a producer, it's, the best place to be because people that are around you will suck you up to the top.


[45:46] The pendulum swings first to failure and then success. and the more you swing to failure, the more success you have. ? The pendulum swings first to failure and then success. and the more you swing to failure, the more success you have. If you're comfortable and you feel safe where you're at, then you're dying.


[46:06] Changing mindset: If you don't want to do that, do it NOW. Start changing your framework and embrace the struggle, embrace failure and you will become successful.


Important Reads and Links


How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Principles by Ray Dalio


Jay Kinder Website:                                   http://jaykinderre.com/    


Jay Kinder Instagram:                                 https://www.instagram.com/jaykinder82      

Jay Kinder Facebook:                 https://www.facebook.com/jaykinderteam   

Jay Kinder Twitter:                                     https://twitter.com/jaykinder          

Jay Kinder LinkedIn:                   https://www.jaykinder.me/              

DNRE08 - Jimmy Rex: How To Turn Followers Into Leads

DNRE08 - Jimmy Rex: How To Turn Followers Into Leads

October 15, 2020

If you want to take a peep of the life of the top real estate agent in Utah and get a glimpse of the mindset of someone who manages to sell 325 transactions last year, this is your podcast! Almost all of those wanting to enter real estate have dreamed of a life of abundance, away from 9-5 work, and living a life by their design. Sadly though, those who’d like to earn more feel they need to give more. More of their time, energy, resources, and freedom. They felt they are trapped by the industry and their dream of a life of life by their design vanishes. Is success really means working hard even more? Our podcast guest for today will answer this question! He is no other than Mr. Jimmy Rex.


Jimmy has always been a big thinker, a big dreamer, and a big hustler even as a young kid. He remembers at age 7 or 8, he saw theater size boxes of hot tamales for 30 cents which were normally sold for one buck each. He then borrowed 10 bucks from his dad and went door to door to sell them at 1 buck each. He made $20 that day. That was his first entrepreneurship experience. In 2004, he was trying to go into a major university where his buddy was trying to get his real estate license. He joined out of boredom. He listened to some real estate CD’s which eventually sparked his interest. But what really got him to accelerate is when he joined a Mike Ferry coaching. From month seven of doing real estate to month 12, he closed over 50 houses. After that, there was no going back.


Today, he's sold over 2000 properties with his small yet mighty team. Because of his success in real estate, Jimmy went on to build his real estate coaching company which currently coaches hundreds of real estate agents from all across the country. He also runs his own podcast, “The Jimmy Rex Show" which has been listened to over 10 million times. We are really excited for you to hear the major bombs of knowledge he shared about coaching, consistency, using social media effectively, how to enjoy real estate without being tied to your desk, and tips and tricks on how he became one of the solid best agents in the country. Gear up and let’s roll it!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Why coaching is very important
  • The power of consistency
  • How to win through social media
  • How not to be a slave to the real estate industry
  • Do success equals hard work? Why or why not?


Knowledge Nuggets



[6:36] I knew how to work hard. I just didn't know what to say or how to say it.


[7:51] whatever you're doing, it's the consistency that wins.


[10:45] There's a million ways to sell real estate. It doesn't matter what you do. It's the consistency over time that wins, falling in love with the monotonousness of this job is where you win in real estate.


[11:32] You've got to find out whether your money is generating activities.


[14:24] I never  want to be a slave to the industry, but I wanted to give the best service to my clients. So I found great people. I pay them. Excellent. Nobody can hire away my team because nobody pays them as good as I do.


[16:30] On social media: 1. You got to have some reason for people to want to meet you. Social media should be much more about branding yourself so that people get to know you as opposed to trying to pitch a product all the time. Make value and attractiveness the first two things you need to do to your page


[21:28] If it's fun, you'll want to do it. And so just start and have fun with it. what do you already like to do? Start talking about it on your social media started doing it, mixing a little bit of real estate. Watch the thing grow. And then it'll take off.


[26:44] There's not one book. That's fallacy that a lot of people have. It's the consistency of doing those things over and pumping good into your mind and your heart all day long.        


[27:19] Success is one of the trickiest things out there. And the reason why is because it's disguised as hard work. You have to  have a WHY that's big enough that it doesn't affect you.          


Important Reads and Links


Mike Ferry

Tom Ferry

Brian Buffini


Recommended People and Books:

The Next Wave of Influence in Real Estate by Jimmy Rex

A Shark Never Sleeps by Drew Rosenhaus


Jimmy Rex Website:                  https://www.mrjimmyrex.com/       

Jimmy Rex Instagram:                https://www.instagram.com/mrjimmyrex/   

Jimmy Rex Twitter:                     https://twitter.com/jimmyrex          

Jimmy Rex Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN4DhXR7MGoOOM70znidNiA   

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DNRE07 - Jay & Samera Harvey: How To Make Cash With Mobile Homes

DNRE07 - Jay & Samera Harvey: How To Make Cash With Mobile Homes

October 13, 2020

Jay and Samera Harvey are a young couple who believes in themselves, in their dreams, adventurous, and are naturally are givers. You can actually see that on how they are currently living an adventurous life, yet full of giving back, especially with what they do with their Trailer Cash Academy, where they are connecting people to people or connecting people to information. They teach others how to win and gain cash even with a little amount of capital as possible, all with the help of mobile homes investing. This is a really interesting chat, so stay tuned!


Jay and Samera were each working a nine-to-five job where they don’t feel they belong. They always have the inclination to feeling there is more to life. They just felt corporate life is not for them. Even though both of them graduated from a financial background, Samera being a CPA and Jay having a master’s degree in Finance. But they are saying these background did not matter, as what you’re being taught in school looks nothing like the real world, at least for real estate. Plus their family background isn’t very entrepreneurial, with the sole exception of Jay’s grandad who actually owned thriving funeral home. He saw how he’s helped people in their community, and that was instilled in him. Then real estate was introduced to them and they felt it actually made sense and that they want to tap more into it. However, their first two deals were a complete struggle. They actually lost a total of $90,000 in the first two deals. That did not stop them from winning though, as they reckoned going back to their 9-5 job to try to pay for that loss will take them forever to pay.


Until they discovered mobile homes investing. Today, they are helping people, even those who have zero knowledge in real estate, to gain cash by flipping and closing a used mobile home deal. In this episode, they shared the ins and outs of mobile homes investing and how easy it is to make money out of this thriving industry. If you are someone who does not have a huge capital yet to invest in other types of real estate, you may look into mobile homes investing and take heed this power duo who obviously got it all together when it comes to this industry!


Here’s What You Missed


  • What’s your grand vision for your life?
  • Why you would want to look into mobile homes investing
  • Where will you find the buyers for mobile homes?
  • Will mobile homes depreciate? To what degree?
  • How will you price mobile homes?
  • What is the market like for mobile homes?



Knowledge Nuggets


[11:10] I just knew this wasn't the grand vision for my life. we're really big on personal development. We're really big on praying and bringing God into our life. this looks bad on the outside. But I'm going to look at it as, Hey, I learned my way into this.I'm going to learn my way out.


[12:01] it's not how you start. It's how you finished. You got to keep pushing.


[16:50] So the beautiful things about manufactured homes is you can move them anywhere.


[19:30] The beautiful thing about mobile home investing and what we do with this strategy is majority of our standard is we want to be able to make our whole investment back within six months or less. And we typically cash flow anywhere between $250 to $500 per unit.


[21:46]  There's an abundance of mobile home communities around the country.You may just not be aware of them. It's just being more aware of where they're at and just being open to traveling outside of the city into more of the like suburbs


[23:41] As to where to find a buyer for mobile homes: 1. Craigslist, it's a free resource. 2. MH Village marketplace, the largest online buying and selling marketplace for mobile homes. 3. Community- network with park managers. 4. Sites like Offer Up where poeple are selling and buying cars, things, etc.


[25:26] Unlike, most other forms of investing, mobile homes will depreciate to a certain extent where they w they will actually hold their value.


[28:45] With these homes there's no inspections, no appraisals. You just have to get it to where we want to sell a safe, affordable home, that's structurally sound so they can come in and fix it the way they want to.


[29:35] On pricing. 1. See what other homes are selling for in that part. 2. Location. 3. The year of the homes. 4. Go on sites like MH Village or Craigslist and even talking to managers to these communities and figure out what's actually on the market.



Important Reads and Links


Jay and Samera Harvey Website:                                            https://www.trailercashwebinar.com/

Jay and Samera Harvey Facebook:                                                                                                         https://www.facebook.com/trailercashacademy/groups/

Jay and Samera Harvey YouTube:                           https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVcT0EgNH0mt2M6QDhIrNOQ

jay and Samera Harvey Instagram:                          https://www.instagram.com/trailercashacademy/


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DNRE04 - Colton Lindsay: How To Scale A Fulfilling Career

DNRE04 - Colton Lindsay: How To Scale A Fulfilling Career

October 13, 2020

Our podcast guest for today is the epitome of someone who realized the difference between achievement and fulfillment. Growing up, Colton Lindsay with average working parents, his father worked in a gas company for 40 years while his mother worked as a secretary for 42 years. He grew up with limiting beliefs such as rich people screw people over or, or money was the root of all evil or that he can’t afford to be one. He thought he does not have a voice as to what he could create in his life. Not until the age of 21 that he realized that life “happened for me instead of to me”.


He entered the world of real estate at the age of 21, and his first year did not look good. He did two deals, and the only reason he survived it is that he still lives in his parents’ house. Then he got a coach. He started going 20, 30, 40 then 75 deals a year. The money he is making made him think should be a source of happiness. He was feeling achieved. But the problem is, he is not fulfilled. He was making good money but he was using it all up. A few life moments caused him to transition in life. In 2016, his good friend passed away, and then he had his daughter. He realized he needed to create financial freedom for his family. He left his old ways of doing drugs and smoking and spent the next year focusing on his mental and physical and spiritual health.


That is why I said in the beginning that Colton is the epitome of someone who realized the difference between achievement and fulfillment because now he discovered the secret to being fulfilled. He is achieving the things that he put his mind into such as the financial wins of his brokerage, which is one of the biggest in the country. He also feels fulfilled in his new venture of helping other real estate agents to scale their business in a way that they’ll feel fulfilled. They touch, not just the financial aspects of the business, but the spiritual and emotional well-being of the agent as well. Today, Colton is sharing huge pointers and gems in achieving a fulfilled life!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Difference between achievement and fulfillment
  • Difference between interested and committed people. Which one are you?
  • What is financial freedom
  • How to have a smart day
  • Difference between marketing and advertising
  • How to choose your team
  • How to have your actions drive your emotions


Knowledge Nuggets


[2:22] Life happened for me instead of to me. I could have some say in it.


[5:19] There's this difference between achievement and fulfillment. "Now I'm just passionate about tools and techniques that allow people to just be fulfilled from the inside out, truly just have this authentic approval of themselves and to live in purpose."


[6:42] Difference of interested versus committed. Interested people, let fear dictate the actions that they don't take. And committed people. They say, Hey, this is my life, my show, my reality. And they take action anyways, but not without fear or worry or doubt or anxiety, but they fucking do it anyways.


[7:42] I believe that we get what we tolerate. What are we willing to tolerate in our life?


[9:03] You have to invest the time, effort, energy, money first before you get results.


[13:13] Financial freedom is where your leveraged residual income pays for your desired lifestyle.


[15:03] I invested in my mind and I invested in my development and then I invested in my soul. When you decide now and act, the universe lines it up for it, it creates it. It boils down to a decision, whatever you need to trick yourself into making a decision, decide.


[15:30] You've got three parts of your day. You got a morning routine, a daytime routine, and an evening routine. I now have the belief that time equals emotion.  I said, well, what emotion I want experience in my morning?  I put the first three thoughts in my head or the three things that made me laugh or smile in the previous 24 hours. Then move to hydrate, then into breath, work, prayer meditation.


[17:49] Smart day: a 30 minutes CEO meeting with yourself. You come up with some outcomes, you create these outcomes, and then you flood it with certainty.


[19:06] Unfortunately, we're seeing this today where our emotions are driving our actions. You have to have your actions drive your emotions.


[20:29] The secret to success is your willingness to do what you don't feel like doing.


[24:29] Difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising is spending time, effort, energy, and money into putting your name, brand and message in front of people that have no idea who you are. In marketing is putting time, effort, energy, and money into putting your brand and message in front of people that already know you that already have some sort of relationship with you.


[29:25] In choosing team: 1. What's the culture. Is it a culture you want to be a part of? 2. Identifying a culture, a winning culture.


[30:36] Selling is leadership skills and selling is not telling it's asking questions.


[33:54] Between now and when you die, what do you want to do? What emotions do you want to experience? What relations to chips do you want to have?


Important Reads and Links


Recommended Books:

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Alan Singer

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim


Recommended People:

Joe Holden


Colton Lindsay Website:                                                           https://thewgracademy.com/          

Colton Lindsay Instagram:                                         https://www.instagram.com/thewgr/             

Colton Lindsay LinkedIn:                                                           https://www.linkedin.com/in/coltonlindsay/                

Colton Lindsay Twitter:                                                             https://www.linkedin.com/in/coltonlindsay/                

Colton Lindsay Facebook:                                                         https://www.facebook.com/ColtonLindsayTheWGR/

Colton Lindsay YouTube:                                                          https://www.youtube.com/c/ColtonLindsay-TheWGR                

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How We Got Here: The Backstory of DreamNation Real Estate Podcast

How We Got Here: The Backstory of DreamNation Real Estate Podcast

October 12, 2020

This episode talks about the foundation of the show and what the journey will be on the road to building our real estate empire!

DNRE06 - Leigh Brown: How To Be Your Best Sales Weapon

DNRE06 - Leigh Brown: How To Be Your Best Sales Weapon

October 12, 2020

Leigh Brown, our esteemed guest, is a personality you will all love. She’s fun, hilarious, informative, a good listener, an amazing speaker, and most importantly, an honest person and a realtor. No doubt, she’s been crushing the real estate arena for over 20 years now. She’s an international sales and motivational speaker and one of the top-selling realtors in North Carolina. You’ll be surprised to know that as a young girl, she’s actually very shy, nerd, a people-pleaser, and someone who does not want confrontations. Almost the exact opposite of who she is today. One thing that did not change though is her hard-working attitude. Being born and raised as a farm girl, she’s been exposed to work at an early age. That instilled in her the over-desire for work.


In this episode, Leigh shared huge tips on how to hone personalities that will attract businesses and serve people better. She discovered that being honest and direct will actually make you the best person to work within real estate as your truth lines up with what your client needs, not with what they want to hear. Huge nuggets were also shared about the importance of getting organized, being prepared and knowledgeable about the market, and setting boundaries with regards to your work hours. Tips on buyer and seller “intake sheets” and even with voice mails were being dropped. All the practical tips every real estate agent should be familiar with!


This has been a light, fun conversation with Leigh which will definitely change an agent’s way of doing business in a good way. So, be sure that you listen to this episode in full, share this with all your friends and family who are interested in real estate, and together, we will rock the real estate arena in our area! Let’s go!


Here’s What You Missed


  • How Leigh transitioned from being shy, people-pleaser young girl to an honest realtor
  • Why can we say that homes are still being bought and sold even in pandemic?
  • How to become the best realtor
  • Tips on how to become organized
  • People need to know how you operate. How would you advertise yourself?


Knowledge Nuggets


[8:53] Real estate actually was a great place to be an introvert because you're usually in one, on one situation with clients, as you know, and that's a great place for an introvert who likes to listen.


12:29] I figured out that I had to be honest and direct and not be like everybody else because the market demanded it, which allowed me to serve people better. Your truth lines up with what people need, not what they want.


[17:44] No matter what happens in the overall market, there's still not enough inventory.  Our municipalities are not issuing enough. Building permit. So we can look at all the data to see that new construction starts are behind everywhere.


[21:20] The savvy realtor says yes, but if they can't buy, they have to live somewhere. So they will then rent. So I should then make sure that I have the education and the marketing to serve investors


[22:16] It doesn't matter what happens in the markets, houses are bought and sold. The difference is the realtor professional who gets educated enough and spends enough time masterminding with people who know what they're doing well.


[25:00] In real estate, you have to go through a certain number of nos to get to a yes and the no is not always about you. Best realtors are all about asking questions and you're not judging and you're not being aggressive and ugly. You're uncovering information. That's going to allow you to provide a personalized experience.


[30:44] For you to get organized, know your boundaries.


[32:47] Few tips: 1. Live with buyer and seller 'intake sheets'. You can have a folder for all your incoming buyers and sellers and when the time comes they are ready, you have the details. 2. May I ask you a few questions? The seven words that will change your real estate business. you're going to be more organized when you're taking more notes because then you're going to actively listen.


[28:07] People need to know how you operate. Tip on your voicemail: "You've reached Lee Brown with one community real estate. I'm either on the phone or away from my desk. My business hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Monday through Friday. Weekends are by appointment only. If you reached me outside of these hours, I'll get back to you as quick as I can have a super fantastic day.


Important Reads and Links


Leigh Brown Website:                                               https://www.leighbrown.com/         

Leigh Brown University:                                            https://www.leighbrownu.com/      

Leigh Brown Instagram:                                             https://www.instagram.com/leighthomasbrown/        

Leigh Brown Twitter:                                 https://twitter.com/leighbrown       

Leigh Brown Facebook:                                             https://www.facebook.com/LeighBrownSpeaker/       



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At Dream Nation, we’re all about building dreams. We do that through podcasts that motivate, educate, and entertain our listeners with some of the best entrepreneurs from around the world to get you to the best tips to level up your game in business in life.


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DNRE05 - Antoine Martel: Turnkey Solutions For Millenial Investors

DNRE05 - Antoine Martel: Turnkey Solutions For Millenial Investors

October 12, 2020

How bad do you want to become a real estate investor? Our podcast guest for today wanted it so much that he knew he will make it happen no matter what happened. Out of his dorm room, Antoine Martel devoured all the information he could to make him fully equipped in winning real estate investing, an endeavor he knew he’ll enter right after college. True enough, right after graduation, he did not look for a job, instead began scouting for the first property they’ll be investing. Fast forward to six months after graduation, they had eight to 10 single-family homes in Memphis in the exact same neighborhood of their first property.


This happened in the year 2017, but Antoine’s entrepreneurial inclinations began way earlier in his life. He is the kid in middle school selling candy and soda. In his junior year of university, his brother took him and his dad to a real estate investing seminar where they learned about flipping houses, rental properties, the BRRRR method, apartment buildings, etc. That’s when his interest started and never waiver. To this day, three years after, Antoine is doing 10x as much as what he thought he would be doing, having a hundred units portfolio in Memphis. They are also helping other people become wise investors through their Martel Turnkey services.


If you are someone who understands the weight of real estate ownership and would like to learn more about how to do it successfully, then this episode is 100% for you! Antoine is sharing important tips about real estate investing, from what to consider when choosing your first investment property to how to scale them and investing in larger properties to pave way for more cash flow. Learn which mistakes to avoid. When you have the right mindset, knowledge, and guidance, you can not underestimate the things you can accomplish in a short amount of time. Be sure to listen to this episode in full and get ready to roll!


Here’s What You Missed


  • How Antoine developed his interest in real estate
  • Tips on criteria on finding your first property
  • What is BRRRR
  • What is turnkey property?
  • How Antoine build their turnkey property business?
  • What are the biggest mistakes investors make?


Knowledge Nuggets


[11:26] Criteria on finding the first property: Job growth, population growth, the diversity of the workforce, major employees, their industry, crime rates and then also just the property values. And so the median price for a home and the median rent for a home.


[14:51] "By December, six months after graduation, we had like eight to 10 single-family homes in Memphis in that exact same neighborhood."


[15:19] BRRRR: It's a way that you can grow a scalable portfolio with less than a hundred thousand bucks. You buy a property, all cash, you renovate it, you rent it out. Then you refinance it and because you rehab it cause you bought the property and renovated it and now it's worth more money. Now you can go to a lender and do what's called a cash-out refinance since you own it all cash. And the lenders, essentially going to write you a check, give you a mortgage on that property. And so you can have most of your principal investment back, um, and have very little cash left in the property. So you're able to turn that 50 grand over and over and over and over.


[18:28] Selling properties like 'turnkey': Not just me doing it for my family, but doing it for other families as well. And so that's kinda when we started buying properties, renovating them, renting them out, but then selling them and then helping our clients get financing, insurance, property management. And so selling properties like turnkey with the tenant in place already.


[20:24] Once I knew that there was a possibility of me selling it turnkey, I would go and find properties. I would make like an investment package and I would go to those investors and I'll be like, Hey, let's partner up on this. We have two options. we can either burn it together or we can flip it to one of these people that I think we can sell it to. And so you fund the deal, I'll manage the project and we'll split the profits 50 50.


[25:52] The turnkey business was creating a lot of cash, but it wasn't creating any passive income.


[26:55] On apartment buildings. You dumped your money into something you're good. You're good for the five or 10-year loan term that you have on that, on that apartment building.


[32:40] On starting the turnkey business: That's kind of why we started the turnkey company too. I think it fills that void with people who had money saved up wanting to invest but didn't know where to start. That's all the two things that you need is 700 credit score in 20 grand in the bank.


[37:59] So what we do for a lot of people, as we try to help them get to that 10 homes, and then what we do is we can either help them by selling those products, we can help them by refinancing those properties into a big portfolio loan and pull some of that money out.


[40:47] On the biggest mistakes new investors make 1. They're choosing an investment strategy that doesn't make sense. With their resources, time, and cash that they have, it doesn't make sense for them to be wholesaling or flipping houses or doing ground-up developments. I always recommend just getting started and getting in the game and you'll figure it out later.


[43:19] On being a dreamer: Just not being satisfied with where you are, I guess would for me be a dreamer and striving to do better and to do more.


[45:42] The only way that you grow is by getting out there and doing it. Would you rather pull the trigger and take the risk or regret never pulling the trigger at all?


Important Reads and Links


Recommended Books:


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Sell It Like Serhant by Ryan Serhant

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone


Antoine Martel Website:                                          https://martelturnkey.com/             

Antoine Martel Instagram:                       https://www.instagram.com/martelantoine 

Antoine Martel Twitter:                                            https://twitter.com/martelantoine  

Antoine Martel LinkedIn:                                         https://www.linkedin.com/in/antoinemmartel            


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DNRE03 - Ricky Carruth: How To Go From Zero To Diamond

DNRE03 - Ricky Carruth: How To Go From Zero To Diamond

October 12, 2020

Our podcast guest for today is someone who’s been a mentor and helped to contribute to Casanova's life change through real estate. He is no other than Mr. Ricky Carruth. Since 2002, Rickey has seen the ups and downs of real estate. He discovered the core secret to winning in real estate which made him the top producer in his market selling over 100 properties per year in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 as a single agent. His secret? Building strong relationships. In this podcast, he shares his key principles in achieving this kind of bond with his past, current, and even future clients. Stay tuned for that!


Ricky grew up in Alabama and describes his young self as some who ‘has no breed, beach boy, hardworking, honest, and just wants to helps others’. His greatest asset is his mindset. When thinking about where he wanted to go or achieve next, he feels he’s already there because he knows it’ll only be a matter of time that he’ll achieve what he puts his mind into. This kind of mindset is what we all should have and he shares this extensively in this podcast.                 


Realizing how it is so easy to enter real estate, how he reached the top and gained much success and recognition for his work, yet the failure rate among agents is so high, he started a coaching company to give back to the industry and help the new and experienced agents take their business to the next level and beyond. We are ever so grateful to be able to receive such knowledge and strategies today! We talked about the usual mistakes of real estate agents and how to fix them, how you can dominate your market even if you’re a newbie, the step-by-step approach to selling your first property, how to build relationships with your prospects and keep their data for future sales, how real estate is an industry with unlimited business, and how to protect yourself in the online world. This episode is jam-packed with tips and tricks to win as real estate agents, so be sure to put out your pens and papers because you will need them 100%!


Here’s What You Missed


  • What’s your goal and the metrics to measure your success?
  • Where do agents go wrong?
  • The step-by-step tips on how a newbie agent can crush the top agent in their area
  • Power of REDX and how to use it
  • Relationships over transactions. Why?
  • What makes a great content?


Knowledge Nuggets


[1:50] It's all in your mind. Like I've already impacted let's just say tens of thousands, in my mind I've already surpassed that hundreds of thousands, and I'm onto the millions, even though it hasn't happened. In my mind, I feel like it already has, because it's just a matter of time.


[2:54] I want to be the tortoise and the hare. Let me be the slow crawling turtle at a fast pace. Let me get there quicker and longer.


[4:40] I am willing to do the work, I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I don't care how long it takes. I'm willing to do whatever it takes until I hit that goal. What is the goal? To be the best in the world. What metrics do you use to measure being the best in the world? By the number of people who love you.


[10:28] On where agents could go wrong: 1. They're not confident in themselves. 2. There are so many different ways to build your business. Everything works, but you got to focus down to just, what do you think works for you? Focus on these two or three things.


[16:36] When you combine the fact that you believe you can do it, and that these other agents around you that are doing it are just not even close to your level and you utilize today's technology, you just put all that together and go crush it.


[18:11] What to focus on 1. Where's my highest quality leads for the cheapest price. 2. What system am I using to build my brand with these people short and long term. 3. What system do I have in place to stay in touch with the people who might want to buy or sell in the next 90 days?


[21:04] There's nothing better than talking to property owners who own the exact property and the exact price range that you want to sell.


[22:22] REDX. You get their contact information for 2 cents. Two cents for the exact house, for the exact client that you want. You call, make friends with them and do business forever. Multiple deals forever. Doing this, you're building your business for now because you run into people that want to do deals now and also for the future, what the people that want to do deals later.


[29:30] I don't care how you do your business. As long as you're doing this, you're valuing relationships over transactions. You're realizing the business is unlimited for every agent, regardless of what's going on.


[32:21] I think really good content is original content. Content that comes out of your mind that you created. Actually creating it yourself original and consistent.


[36:06] Taking action is far better than sitting back and contemplating. Just go ahead and do it, get the mess up behind you so we can get to the good part of this because you're going to mess up anyway.


[38:50] The only competition is you because business is unlimited. It's as much as you can handle for the rest of your life, 24/7.


[49:08] Just stop thinking, just do. I'm more of a doer, I'll make a lot of mistakes. I learned from them as I said, I want to hurry up and get those mistakes behind me. So I want to get to those mistakes as quickly as possible.


Important Reads and Links


Ricky Carruth Website:                                             https://zerotodiamond.com/

Ricky Carruth Instagram:                                           https://www.instagram.com/rickycarruth/

Ricky Carruth Twitter:                                                https://twitter.com/rickycarruth

icky Carruth Facebook:                                             https://www.facebook.com/zerotodiamond/


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