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DNRE21 - Luper Akough: How To Get The Most From Your Real Estate Insurance

DNRE21 - Luper Akough: How To Get The Most From Your Real Estate Insurance

November 30, 2020

Another episode jam-packed with tips and knowledge is coming your way! I have my brother, Luper Akough on the show today and I am excited as always for you to pick his brain on different areas, more on entrepreneurship but also about mindset building and how he trained himself to believe in what he can do. We also talked about being an insurance agent and why you should prioritize getting life insurance. After this episode, you’ll be inspired to strive for success in anything that you do, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the importance of different kinds of insurances, and you’ll have more confidence that you can actually dream, plan, execute and be successful.


Luper is the son of an immigrant. He is thankful that he grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. Even though it did not become so big, his father started the business when Luper was 13 years old. His uncle has a successful landscaping and sprinkler company. So he grew up with a lot of entrepreneurs. Growing up, he knew he will be a business owner as well. He felt it was his obligation to not only surpass this success but, to show other people that it's possible for themselves as well. Today, Luper I not only an insurance agent, but he also flipped houses, owned Airbnb, and commercial property.


In this episode, Luper talked about why he chose to become an insurance agent at the young age of 19, what his struggles are at the beginning of his journey, and how he overcame them. We will also receive valuable information about the importance of insurance, such as business insurance and life insurance. If you are a business owner dealing with or are worried about the loss of income and/or property damages due to the ongoing riots and protests, you will want to hear Luper’s important tips on what to ask your insurance agent. Lastly, you’ll learn more about life insurance, and why you would not want to be ‘selfish’ and think about the future that the little amount you’ll have to spend now, to give your future generation a higher step in the future. All these and more when you listen to today’s DNRE episode!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Why you should consider being an insurance agent?
  • Tips for young people about how to make others take you seriously
  • Business protection from riots
  • What are the right questions you should ask your insurance agent?
  • How valuable is life insurance?
  • Train yourself to believe in yourself


Knowledge Nuggets:


[5:22] Reason to become an insurance agent: stability and it also has an income that makes sense for me and my family, or not only can I take care of them, but I can also spend time with them and we can travel


[5:34] Being a young millennial time is everything. Time is all we think about. We want to keep as much of it for ourselves as possible.


[8:51] Be consistent in whatever you're doing. And as long as you're showing up and showing people that you're always going to be there eventually they'll take you seriously.


[10:10] You should always have somebody that you perceive yourself as being equal with. And then you should always have somebody that you're looking to become like


[13:06] What to ask about protection from riots: I know that you'll cover the structure if there's any damage, but, will you guys cover income?  For how long, and what if there are extra costs that are in cured because of what's going on? In all reality, only 40% of us Americans and owned businesses had the proper coverage in this last situation, with all these protests and riots going on.


[18:50] Why many do not have life insurance: 1. They're selfish. Only think about now, and not later. 2. They don't have enough knowledge. They don't understand how it works.


[19:39] Why have life insurance?: It's a legacy builder. You're starting the next generation off at a higher floor.


[20:06] Two main types of life insurance: A term policy and there's a permanent policy.


[26:50] When you read something, you should think about a couple of different things, 1. Comprehension- what is it saying? 2. Then you're looking at who's writing it. What perspective are they coming from? And then the last 3. perspective, if you were writing, how would you tell that story differently?


[27:50] I have plans because a dream is something you think about, while a plan is something that you execute by breaking it up in small steps.


30:45] Training yourself to believe in yourself. Get a picture of what you want, the more you see it and say it, the more you'll believe it. We are that much in control.


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Luper Akough Instagram:                                   https://www.instagram.com/theonlyluperakough/     

Luper Akough LinkedIn:                    


Luper Akough Facebook:                   https://www.facebook.com/LuperAkoughAgent/

DNRE20 - Dedrick And Krystal Polite: How To Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

DNRE20 - Dedrick And Krystal Polite: How To Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

November 27, 2020

“Want to be your own boss?” A question that’s always been both promising yet a bleary street for most entrepreneurs. Financial freedom and time for yourself and your family. You’re going to embark on a life-transforming journey after hearing the story of our today’s guests: Dedric and Krystal Polite. We’ll discuss the best tips, strategies, and helpful mindset of successful business and real-estate entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about the couples’ background a little bit, which I know will equip you to become your own boss.

Dedric And Krystal polite are a married couple who both grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. They both come from humble beginning single-parent backgrounds where they started entrepreneurship at an early age. They had to overcome their situation through education and daily grinding through jobs with benefits. However, they wanted to escape from the corporate rat race; they wanted more time and financial freedom so they can both invest time in what matters to them the most: their family.

At first, they were hesitant about the idea of doing real-estate and wholesaling. Derrick has read and watched lots of videos and books while Krystal is hesitant in jumping to the ship. It even took them 20 months to close their first deal. However, what happens when Derrick – an analytical thinker, and Krystal – an action taker, finally collaborated and decided to get serious with it? How did they shift from day jobs into a full-time real-estate business entrepreneur? Today, the couple have closed lots of deals and grew businesses with more than six-digit figures in annual sales with different teams across different locations and states. They became experts in driving for dollars using the Deal Machine app and now are helping students, and offering free and paid courses for both the new and experienced investors. In this podcast, Dedric and Krystal shared their secrets on training their mindset, getting into the line of business, and as well as their strategies and methods, in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also be able to overcome your hurdles in becoming your own boss – through real-estate business. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as this couple shares their life-changing journey with us.

Here’s What You Missed

  • Wasn’t just Real-estate, but entirely Entrepreneurship
  • A Combination of an Analytical-Thinker and Action-Taker
  • Figure out your WHY
  • Definition of True Wealth
  • How and why investing into education is best
  • How association matters and affects you and your business
  • Effective use of Marketing Technologies that boost marketing methods


Knowledge Nuggets:

[4:00] I read all the books, but I was, I was over, I was over analyzing right until I met her. She was the, the dreamer to jump off the building and grow wings on the way down. With us = combined the analytical and the action taker. We made it happen right on it.

[6:11] AirBNB on steroids. At first Krystal didn’t think it’s going to work, but later on everyone is doing arbitrage.

[8:25] Let’s just do it and see if it works. “If he can do it, we can do it” “Let’s put pen to paper, and let’s take action”.

[11:50] Don’t give up. It could take you six months… a year… two years. Don’t give up, keep going at it.

[12:00] “Once you figure it out, you know it, no one can take that knowledge away from you.” What’s more important is what you do in between the time of waiting. Educate yourself on the entire business, invest on education masterminds, coaches and consultants.

[12:42] …shortened the learning curve by investing so much in education

[13:33] …invested so much money, this had to work. Not an option, thus It has to work. We got to pay it off.

[16:28] We figure out our why: True Wealth – what we do and how it affects the generations after us. That’s what we are really focused on.

[17:12] What made them into wholesaling because we want to build a rental portfolio. We never got into wholesaling to get into just-wholesaling.

[17:36] “Cherry pick the best, wholesale and the rest.” Our business marketing isn’t just wholesale. We want to build our own rental-portfolio. We market based on what we want to buy and hold.

[20:24] In every industry, there’s something that you can buy for less than what you can turn around and sell it for

[21:36] When people think about real-estate business, they worry about the license. You don’t necessarily need a license, but you do need the specialized knowledge. You can’t just depend on YouTube university, even if it is great.

[22:07] Learning from online videos (YouTube), only gets you a surface level. Dig deeper through seminars, hiring coaches, mentors or even experts who’ve actually done what you’re looking to do – it’s going to take you to the next level.

[28:39] The majority of our deals is using this Driving for Dollars app called Deal Machine. Super-simple, cost-effective and definitely one of the best methods to make sure you stay within a marketing budget

[30:41] Real-estate investors use look up the 70% rule

[35:17] We would have started sooner. A visionary and integrator combined

[36:59] Make sure that you’re open to every opportunity, even if at times it’s unknown. Have your ears open, and listen. You might be like others who are trying to figure out their pivot – trying to get certainty in this pandemic world.

[37:35] The Power of Associating. Whoever you spend the most time with, eventually your going to gravitate to becoming like them – financially, spiritually, physically.

[38:07] Not trying to figure out everything yourself, by being cheap. Become an expert at hiring experts.

[39:56] Get around people who inspire you, because what you put into your brain is the most powerful thing to drown out all the negative.

[40:37] Les Brown quote: “If you fall, fall on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.” Stay on the course, be really diligent in your why’s and goals. Time well-spent.

[42:09] It’s a journey not a trip. Remain focused on your goals.


Important Reads and Links

Recommended course:


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Be Polite Website:                     https://www.politeproperties.com/

Be Polite Instagram:                   https://www.instagram.com/bepoliteproperties/

Be Polite Facebook:                   https://www.facebook.com/BePoliteProperties/

Be Polite YouTube:                     https://www.youtube.com/c/BePolite


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DNRE19 - Fee Gentry: How To Become An Agent Of Change

DNRE19 - Fee Gentry: How To Become An Agent Of Change

November 23, 2020

You may agree that one of the most important aspects of a business is its people. They want to be heard, seen, and included. Fee Gentry, our podcast guest for today is a driving force to a movement championing inclusivity, equality, and collaboration. She loves to be a "part of a company whose culture embraces differences, promotes equality and mutual respect, and provides a space where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to succeed." That's what she teaches others and runs her team. Do you want to know how you can leverage the real you, being exactly who you are and your marketplace? Fee is your gal! Fee has been a delight to chat with, very smart and fun, and really knowledgeable about what she does. She is a board member of the eXp World Holdings and be prepared to hear great opportunities that are open to every agent, especially women and people of color!


Fee grew up from the Monterrey peninsula. She already knew that she got great skills, she's nerdy and studious, and thought-driven. She is somewhat reserved, but not shy. At the young age of six, she knew that if she's going to work, she'll be the boss. That's how her parents raised them as well. True enough, even before entering the world of real estate, Fee owned at least 11 businesses around nine different industries. She understands marketing and has a genuine love for people.


In this episode, Fee talks about the right mindset to success, the best way to market real estate, why she chose to focus on new construction homes, why she joined eXp and how it is different from other brokerages, and other traits you should have as an agent to win in the industry. As you listen to this full episode, you’ll appreciate not only the tips and tricks Fee dropped about how to be better in real estate, but also her passion for women and people of color and how she strives to create opportunities for others to thrive and achieve in a growth-minded environment where agents are valued for who they are and the unique perspective that they bring to the table.


Here’s What You Missed


  • How to have that athlete mindset
  • Why you should consider looking into 'new construction homes' sector?
  • Why does 'direct response marketing' always works?
  • eXp as the most diverse and inclusive brokerage
  • What's the true test of success and strength and leadership


Knowledge Nuggets



[4:04] If I was going to work, I was going to be the boss. And I knew that I wanted to attain wealth and independence, more so independence and freedom.


[6:48] When you come with the athlete and competitive mindset, you can't be thinking about that last bad shot you made you have to get to the next thing to get you to that next thing to that next success.


[9:58] Direct response marketing, which is based on consumer behavior and emotional responses to things. I knew that that was going to work, people buy on emotion


[18:37] Why new construction homes: You're going to get new materials. You're going to get latest designs. You're going to be usually in a master plan community that are zoned to good schools, better resources. You're going to have a buyer incentives from the builder, which is down payment assistance, closing costs. You'll get all the extras in, into a house like upgrades that you may want on a house, et cetera.


[25:10] We wanted the EXP to be the most diverse and inclusive brokerage, not only just in the country, but in the world, we want to, we want to change the industry.


[29:50] On eXp: eXp made real estate fun again. Because of the workplace collaboration, I now have referrals from all over the, all over the country and people reaching out even internationally.


[33:05] On what she could have done better: It's putting down my ego and pride and asking for more help. The true test of success and strength and leadership is asking for help.


[36:30] Everything that you need is already inside of you.



Important Reads and Links


Fee Gentry Website:                                           https://feegentry.com/     

Fee Gentry Instagram:                        https://www.instagram.com/fee_gentry/      

Fee Gentry Facebook:                        https://www.facebook.com/fee.gentry          

Fee Gentry Twitter:                                             https://twitter.com/FeeGentry                        

Fee Gentry LinkedIn:                                          https://www.linkedin.com/in/feegentry/      

Fee Gentry YouTube:                          https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfzY6-FhIuHKr6M2pdIiSbQ           


Recommended Books:


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

DNRE18 - Ramon Casaus: How To Scale Your Business Into Freedom

DNRE18 - Ramon Casaus: How To Scale Your Business Into Freedom

November 18, 2020

Did you get into real estate with the drive to make a massive impact in your family's life?

Is being average or just "another Realtor" your worst nightmare?

Are you a high octane individual who wants to align with battle tested entrepreneurs?

Real Estate, by far is the best & fastest vehicle to gain the resources & wealth you are looking for.

In this episode, Ramon Casau from ROCSTAR Alliance will inspire you, challenge you and ultimately teach you how to develop a fearless mindset.

Massive success in Real Estate can be yours, you just need the right culture!

DNRE17 - Gustavo Munoz Castro: How To Start Your Lead Generating Machine

DNRE17 - Gustavo Munoz Castro: How To Start Your Lead Generating Machine

November 17, 2020

Our podcast guest for today is someone who already tasted the sweet life of the corporate world. He was actually a senior engineer at Microsoft for 10 years, he got a big house, beautiful cars, and lavish vacations. Why did he pivot to entrepreneurship? Why Real Estate? What would he say about his decision to pivot, was it worth it? We are all going to tackle these questions and so much more with Gustavo Munoz Castro, and be motivated to live a life of our design!


Gus was born and raised in Mexico, at a place near the border with California. He grew up seeing and understanding both cultures, he even identifies himself as part of both communities. Growing up with parents who are both teachers, he also aimed to excel in class. True enough, he became a straight A’s student, went to university and studied engineering, then recruited by Microsoft company to work in the United States. There he met his wife, built a big house, accumulated nice things, and went on great vacations. He was living ‘great’ corporate life for 10 years until he realized that that kind of life was not actually for him and that there’s something else life could offer him. That’s when he started to look at the Real Estate arena, and his life is set for a great adventure.


His wife was an emerging Real Estate rookie agent of the year by that time, the year 2008, and he got licensed by the year 2010. The shift made him lose a few of his nice cars but he was satisfied. He loved entrepreneurship and he discovered huge nuggets which he shared today to help you win entrepreneurship too. Since 2015, he runs one of the largest Inside Sales teams for Real Estate in North America, with 65 agents making about 50K outbound dials a day. He runs a 7-figure a year business and has over 600+ active clients, mostly from Facebook leads. Today, Gus is so passionate about helping business owners be successful through online marketing and lead follow-up, team building, sales scripts, online lead conversion, and much more. Be prepared to take in a lot of great insight, tips, and tactical steps to winning Real Estate today!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Gustavo’s early life and career and why he made the pivot
  • How to do lead generation the right way
  • Why Facebook is a great lead generation market
  • Step by step tips on making your Facebook advertisements
  • How conversion works and how to convert Facebook leads
  • How do you help clients win


Knowledge Nuggets


[7:46] It's not that I read a book and worked on it. It's the accumulation of things that I learned along the way


[12:36] I want to bet on myself and I want to give myself a chance.


[16:49] On lead generation: You got to talk to people you've never met before- unmet leads. You'll accelerate if you find a way to convert people you've never met before.


[20:40] Number 1 lead source across USA and Canada: Facebook. If you can convert them. Facebook will raise prices accordingly soon, but it's not there yet, so I tell people to grab the opportunity and get a great ROI.


[25:15] Start first on your own. Don't hire someone else for things you haven't tried on your own.


[] On making advertisement: Good image, and the first line of Facebook ad that's interesting and attention-grabbing. At least make a Facebook ad and put $5-10 a day on for a week and see the results you get. Pick up the phone and call them. If we call that lead within 60 days for 14 times, we are going to talk to the majority.


[32:51] A lot of Facebook leads will not get to bet tot business right away, but if you have any kind of follow-ups sequence or nurturing methods, put all those people into that. Because even though you haven't met them, you would want to put them in a database. You will want to do something to nurture them, at least send them an email once a month.


How to convert Facebook leads:

  1. Speedily. Reach out while they are on their phone. That's where the Chatbox and other apps come in.
  2. Follow-up plan. Aim for six touches in a week.
  3. Offer them something valuable. Have a hook.


There are different stages of conversions. You got to convert them to a pending deal. You got to coach, motivate, and train your client to win that house.


[42:41] The way to get better at these conversions is by adding more of them and getting into them. Prepare your scripts for objections from clients, prepare for professional answers, and work on your conversational ability.


[45:07] The value of the home is always determined by the market, don't look at the listing price.


[57:41] As an agent you have to protect your time as well. You don't want to be dealing with people that are not coachable. Make sure that you are working with qualified buyers that actually want to move into the house.


[49:22] Being honest with people is caring for them. Not caring is having to go with the flow and not saying anything.


[51:52] I realized how little I had to lose. If the worst thing that can happen to you is you lose some of your stuff, put yourself in the right spot. That is not so much of a risk at all, you have your health, your family. The year 2020 is the best year of entrepreneurship in history so far. If you realized this, life is there, you can live it, become a better person, and be more experienced.


Important Reads and Links


Gustavo Munoz Castro Website:                                      https://www.powerisa.com/bio/     

Gustavo Munoz Castro Facebook:                                   https://www.facebook.com/gustavo.munoz.castro     

Gustavo Munoz Castro Facebook Group:                                                                                                                                                                                 


Gustavo Munoz Castro Instagram:                                   https://www.instagram.com/gustavopowerisa/           

Gustavo Munoz Castro Twitter:                                        https://twitter.com/GustavoMuozCas1


Recommended Books:


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

DreamNation Real Estate 16 - Mark Ferguson: How To Build Your Financial Freedom

DreamNation Real Estate 16 - Mark Ferguson: How To Build Your Financial Freedom

November 13, 2020

Our guest today is Mark Ferguson, a second generation realtor and investor since 2002 who has established himself as a thought leader, writer and advisor in the field.

From his books to his Invest Four More project, he's been teaching many a new realtors to build a life by their design.

DNRE15 - Brandon Hall: How To Optimize Your Accounting For Real Estate

DNRE15 - Brandon Hall: How To Optimize Your Accounting For Real Estate

November 9, 2020

Are you a real estate investor, or someone who would like to venture and be successful in this field? You may need help in the legal aspect of running your business. Brandon Hall, a CPA who works with clients all over the country helping them with taxes and any aspect in their real estate business, will be dropping major bombs of knowledge in our podcast today. Brandon runs his own law firm with 17 staff remotely working all over the US. The interesting aspect is that his employees collectively own 90+ properties and 300+ units of real estate. That would mean that they are not only good with tax and accounting, but they are also helping you with tips and tricks based on their own investing experiences!


Brandon also started working for other companies. He tried working for two of the largest firms in the country where he realized it was not for him. He had ideas they were constantly shut by his managers. Then he launched his own firm. They specialize in Real Estate and works with a lot of agents, brokers, construction guys, developers, syndicates, and funds. In this podcast, we will not only learn about legal issues in running a real estate business such as saving on taxes, risks on rental properties, getting LLCs, and scaling business but also his own business advice in running his own company. Be ready to be fueled with knowledge about real estate and entrepreneurship today!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Challenges, benefits, and tips on building a remote team
  • Objective and subjective pieces of accountability
  • Tips on whether you should apply or not for LLC
  • How can you save on taxes as a real estate investor?
  • Are short-term rentals still in?
  • How you can scale your business


Knowledge Nuggets


[4:24] Being lazy, it's just trying to figure out how to make the system work for you in a way that you don't have to go and slave away at W2 job.


[6:47] Biggest challenge on growing a remote team: figuring out what to hold people accountable to and instilling a really strong culture.


[8:24] On accountability: We call it work-life integration, not balance. You work whenever you want to. The difference is that I'm going to hold you accountable for a set of results that you can reasonably achieve in a 40 to 45-hour workweek. That's the objective piece of accountability. There's also the subjective piece of how else did you add value to the firm and help the firm achieve key objectives


[10:49] The culture is the result of every little decision that has been made up until that point for your firm's history. You've got to create meeting rhythms. Something that people can always count on.


[13:29] On whether to get LLC: My core belief is just to keep it simple. The reason that you would get an LLC at the beginning is if you are at risk of being sued. Do you need asset protection?


[16:35] Saving on taxes for investors: 1. Warren buffet approach: You're still always going to pay tax on that 200 K income as long as you have it, but we've also added 300 K of income that we're not going to pay tax on. 2. Can you qualify as a real estate professional for tax purposes? if we can also show that we materially participate in our rental real estate activities, then what we've created as a non-passive activity. From the rental real estate. And that's important because passive activities that generate passive losses can only be used to offset passive activities that generate passive income.


[26:02] On hiring family members: By moving $10,000 to my children, I've, I've essentially created $2,500 of additional wealth for my family because that's my tax savings and they don't have to pay taxes on their $10,000.


[29:55] Tax benefits of short-term rentals: You don't have to qualify as a real estate professional for tax purposes to take your losses from the activity.


[33:07] Emotional intelligence is a skill that you can learn and improve on. And, if you want to scale a service business, you have to implement a coaching culture. So you have to be able to replicate yourself.


[35:20] The only thing standing between you and your goals is the bullshit story.


Important Reads and Links


Brandon Hall Website:                       https://www.therealestatecpa.com                

Brandon Hall Twitter:                          https://twitter.com/BHallCPA           

Brandon Hall LinkedIn:                       https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonhallcpa              

Brandon Hall Podcast:                        https://www.therealestatecpa.com/podcasts               


Recommended Books/Pages/people


BiggerPockets:                                                     https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/bhall005         

NOLO                                                                     https://www.nolo.com/     

DNRE14 - Rod Khleif: How To Manifest Cash Flow With Multi Family Homes

DNRE14 - Rod Khleif: How To Manifest Cash Flow With Multi Family Homes

November 4, 2020

Rod Khleif, our podcast guest for today is someone who built his empire from nothing, lost it all during the great crash, came back stronger, and built an even massive empire. You’ll be someone who you’ll take any advice he’ll give because you can see that they really work. If you are someone who tends to dream smaller and wishes for ‘realistic’ goals, you’ll quickly change your mind when you hear his life story and the mindset he has gained over the years that made him the multi-family real estate master that he is today.


Rod immigrated to the United States from Holland when he was six years old with his mother and brother. They were very poor, ate expired food, and drank powdered milk, living for giveaway clothes. They really struggled. However, his mother is somewhat an entrepreneur, working hard to put food on the table. She also bought the house across the street when he was 14 years old for $30,000 and made $20,000 more off that house more than two years later. That’s when the world of real estate opened up for Rod. He thought he’d ditch college if he can make money during sleep through selling and owning real estate. True enough, just when he reached 18, he entered the wonderful world of real estate and experienced incredible wealth-building experience. In his first year, he made about $8-10k, in his second year, about $10-12k, but in his third year, he unlocked the secret to 10xing his real estate assets. In this podcast, he shares the exact techniques he used to train his mind to reach his goals, however massive they can get!


His journey, like many others, was accompanied by what he describes as ‘seminars’. He doesn’t want to call them failures, as he learned huge nuggets of knowledge by facing and overcoming them. By his third year in real estate, he’s acquired over 2000 houses, rented long-term, owned multiple apartment complexes in three states and in 2006, his net worth went up to $17 million while he slept. He reached his high material goals, massive beach house, luxury cars, travel spree, etc. But then 2008 came. His $17 million was lost, and a lot more. He lost $50 million. Be inspired as you hear how exactly he came back stronger after the market crash! Also, hear his predictions as we navigate the current pandemic, how we should operate in the future, and why you should look into choosing and building a multi-family real estate to create multi-generational wealth and freedom. Learn all of this and more, when you listen to this podcast in full!

Here’s What You Missed


  • Train your mindset to take action
  • Tactical tips to reaching your goals
  • Embracing pain
  • Why you should invest in multifamily assets
  • How to face the coming market crash
  • Why real estate is a team sport
  • How to find deals


Knowledge Nuggets


[4:50] 80 to 90% of our success in anything is our mindset and our psychology get you to take action


[6:40] How to 10x : It's knowing exactly what you want. And then even more importantly, knowing why you want it. The simple act of writing it down everything you want to do, be, or have, trigger something in your brain called your reticular activating system and set a filter that subconsciously filters out, what it thinks is important to you. It doesn't happen consciously.


[9:48] It's not real until it's measurable. Put a number by each goal for how many it's going to take you to achieve it.


[10:55] Knowing why they're a must is the most important piece of this. So you need to write a paragraph under each goal, why you absolutely must achieve it and use emotionally charged words.


[11:43] As human beings we'll do more to avoid pain and gain pleasure. If you're willing to do what other people won't for a few years, you're going to live the rest of your life like other people can't. A fear of regret is much more painful than fear of failure


[14:49] Get pictures of your goals because they freaking work. Knowing what I want, visualizing it, focusing on it


[19:11] If you can't see it in your mind, you're never going to see it in reality.


[21:00] Back then was my multifamily did just fine.


[23:17] I still have the apartment complex is because they pulled back a little bit but they would have survived. If you're going to buy and hold for God's sake, do multifamily.


[25:58] You don't have to start with a 10 unit or a five unit even. Do a duplex or triplex or 4-plex.


[28:11] Focus on the opportunity that's coming, because whatever you focus on gets larger, both positive and negative


[28:28] Stand guard at the door to your mind, don't get sucked into CNN and ABC and all the negative crap that's out there. Bring in the good stuff. What you focus on grows larger


[29:58] You've got to educate yourself, dabblers get crushed. Do not get caught in analysis paralysis. do not get caught in analysis paralysis. The quality of your life hinges on your ability to get a little uncomfortable.


[32:57] Compassionate capitalism and ethical opportunism: how we'll operate during pandemic


[33:56] On finding deals: Building relationships. This business is truly a team sport


[37:40] But you want to play to your strengths. Don't worry about building your weaknesses. You align partner or hire for your weaknesses and you focus on your strengths. You're going to get much further faster if you operate that way.


[38:17] Partnerships are easy to get into, but like marriage they're hard to get out of.


[39:40] The brain can see all these little micro things that in process it subconsciously. If you get that feeling in your gut, trust it.


[47:21] We were put on this earth to give.


[43:15] Focus. Grind now. Play later. Comfort kills.


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Suggested Books:


The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Magic of Thinking Big book by David J. Schwartz

The ONE Thing by Gary W. Keller

DNRE13 - Danny Morel: How To Find Your True Potential In Life And Real Estate

DNRE13 - Danny Morel: How To Find Your True Potential In Life And Real Estate

November 2, 2020

First, figure out who you are trying to become then getting that being. That’s a major nugget we learned from Danny Morel, our podcast guest for today. Danny shared huge chunks of wisdom, not only about the real estate world but also about life in general. He describes himself as someone who’s egotistical and self-focused. But today, he is love. He shares how easy it would be to reach money and everything else you want to accomplish if you are connected with yourself. Learn how he transitioned from being egotistical to being content and happy.


Danny recalls the time when he, his mom, and his two younger brothers were dirt poor. They lived in a little, two-bedroom apartment in the hood, with no father figure. He was determined to be the one to change their situation. True enough he did everything he can, joined real estate, and started earning money. But his problems did not end there, in fact, it was just starting. He became addicted to owning things, he did not need. He was filling something in him- his ego. He realized a mistake many people who were starting to make money: feeding an ego who creates a story of being not worthy or who wants to become worthy. So he started buying very expensive things that he thought would fill that need. He also went through a divorce, which made him search through himself the reason why he’s miserable and unhappy inside, even though he’s making millions. That’s where his journey began.


Today, he already knew that in order for him to get to taking action, he needed to figure out who he wanted to become. These are just some of the life lessons you’ll expect to get from this episode in addition to valuable insights on winning real estate. Tips such as converting your business to a listing business, learning the right psychology, and the skill set needed to scale your business, and even tactical steps on hiring. Be ready to be fired up yet humbled by today's episode!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Finding yourself is the key to fulfillment
  • Being a real estate agent is probably the quickest way for a hardworking person to create wealth
  • How to make that decision
  • Step by step tips on winning real estate for 90 days
  • When and who should you hire?
  • Ego or heart decision?


Knowledge Nuggets


[1:34] When you are love and when you really are connected with yourself, money and everything that you want to accomplish, that's all easy.


[2:07] "Man will find himself when he knows he is going nowhere and has nowhere to go."


[4:30] We are equally for a magnet. And so all of the friends that we have in our lives, all of the circumstances that we're faced with all of the situations. All the money we have or not have all the relationship we have or not have. All the lifestyle choices we're able to make or not make that is all 100% a reflection of what's going on inside.


[5:14] I think being a real estate agent is probably the quickest way for a hardworking, dedicated, and focused individual to create wealth for them and their family


[6:54] Pressure is a privilege. Because that pressure is going to do one of two things. It's either going to make you, or it's going to break you.


[7:23] Number one, burn the boats. There's no plan B. If you're going to do this, you're going to do this with all your heart and soul. Number two, work seven days a week for 90 days. Number three, spend 80% of your time prospecting.


[9:29] Making it in real estate is a choice. Just like making it in life is a choice. Just like being happy is a choice. You're the one that makes the decision. And I would say it all starts with that decision.


[12:53] On hiring: Transaction coordinator should be the first hire you need to make right away. The second one is the assistant. You really don't need an assistant until you're closing about 25 deals a year.


[13:49] You have to convert that into a listing based business.


[17:30] We have the wrong psychology and the wrong skill set. That if we could fix those two things, your life will change and never be the same.


[19:20] On what could have done better: Don't spend so much money on bullshit. When we don't come from money, our ego creates a story we're either not worthy. And so we want to become worthy. So you finally start to make money then you go out and buy a Mercedes etc. And that is an issue of programming that you have to go inside of yourself to understand what is wrong inside of me that makes me need these things.


[25:27] Just start to really look at the decisions you make and ask yourself, is this an ego decision or a heart decision? The feeling of freedom is what we're all really looking for.


[27:44] The action is not where it's at now. I would say the beam is where it's at. in order for you to do anything in order for you to take action in order for you to go out there and make it happen. You first got to decide who you're going to be.


Important Reads and Links


Danny Morel Website:                       https://www.dannymorel.com/       

Danny Morel Course:                         https://journeytohigherself.com/   

Danny Morel Instagram:                     https://www.instagram.com/dannymorel/    

Danny Morel Facebook:                     https://www.facebook.com/Danny.Morel.Page/         

Danny Morel Twitter:                         https://twitter.com/dannymorel