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DNRE73 - House Hacking Your First Home

DNRE73 - House Hacking Your First Home

May 28, 2021

There are a couple of things you should know and consider when you are buying your first home. Primary homes are often considered a liability. But you can eventually turn them into an asset once you consider the strategy of renting out your primary residence to create income. This is what we call house hacking, which will be the point of discussion in this episode.


Quotes and Advice from our host:

  • “There's no such thing as a perfect home and nothing's going to have everything that you're looking for.” (07:41)
  • “...a real estate agent does not get paid to show you homes.” (08:06)
DNRE72 - Cody Bjugan: Transform Your Life Through Real Estate

DNRE72 - Cody Bjugan: Transform Your Life Through Real Estate

May 26, 2021

Failures in life are built to push people to continue to grow and reach for their dreams and not the other way around. You can push through any circumstance in life if you believe, take action, and have faith that it will all work out in the end. 


Listen to Cody Bjugan as he shares how you can transform your life through real estate by finding out your purpose that will impact people around you, let you live a fulfilled life, and leave a legacy that inspires.


Together with his business partner, David Hill, Cody formed VestRight out of their passion for real estate and sharing. Through VestRight, they were able to share their expertise on real estate land deals over the years.


Here’s What You Missed

The birth of VestRight

  • “...you have 20 years of lessons in my space and I can't think of something more impactful or a part of my purpose, part of my legacy, part of me trying to live a fulfilling life, than sharing that knowledge that I know of.” (03:21)
  • “I've been doing this for 20 years. I know the ins and outs. There's no education, there are no teachings out there on it. Why don't I bring this education to the world?” (24:04)
  • “I want to expose it to the world and be a part of impacting other people in a positive way.” (24:24)


PIF: Purpose, Impact, Fulfillment

  • “I spent a lot of time recently working on my why. Like, why am I doing all this? And my purpose and impact and fulfillment. I have all these things that I've been geeking out on the last couple of years.” (04:08)
  • “I was very intentional in my teens, that I was going to be the one to pivot.” (05:38)
  • “You figure out your purpose, that's going to lead to impact. You have an impact on others. Impact those within your reach. And through impact, you can create a fulfilling life or fulfilling legacy. I, 100%, do not believe fulfillment is possible without you having an impact.” (32:05)


On failures, personal growth, and having the right people

  • “The biggest mistake I made back then is that I was so full of myself that I wasn't focused on personal growth. I wasn't focused on having the right people and influences in my life. (12:10)
  • “I understand the value of personal growth and working on myself and becoming better.“ (14:05)
  • “I'm in a mindset place where I know this failure is sculpting me and helping me grow because I've grown more through my failures than anything else in my life, in my challenges, my trials, my tribulations.” (19:34)
  • “I'm writing my own story and all those mistakes and failures and realizations has made me who I am today.” (28:34)


The VestRight Teachings

  • “We teach you how to pay market value.” (38:07)
  • “We teach you how to go and find, hunt off-market.” (38:13)
  • “We teach you how to find them, how to analyze them. Are utilities there? What are the overlays? What's the zoning? What's the offsite?” (38:31)
  • “We teach numerous exit strategies and we teach numerous payday points.” (39:15)


The VestRight Model

  • “The reason there's so much money in the model we teach is that we're going to teach you how to take just a piece of farmland and capture it to where it's now developable. We teach you what's called the land use process.” (38:46)
  • “Our model, we teach because you're taking a raw piece of land and now turn it into an approved development, there is so much equity created through that process that you can pay property owners' development values.” (42:51)


When and when not to get into partnerships

  • “I think we gravitate towards partnerships because it helps diminish fear.” (49:35)
  • “You need to be able to face your fears with or without a partner.” (49:57)
  • “There's no point in the partnership if the strengths are similar. You need to complement each other. You need to fill each other's weaknesses in order for the partnership to be amazingly dynamic.” (50:25)


Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “I'm being built for something special. Because I've been put to my knees several times and through that, I've tried hard not to come out feeling sorry for myself, but to reflect back and grow.” - Cody (03:02)
  • “Wealth is built through timing.” - Cody (12:47)
  • “Money is just the result of me serving.” - Cody (22:52)
  • “Just because you believe doesn't mean you have faith.” - Cody (29:11)
  • “Through realizing you don't control everything, it allows peace to come into your life. I don't think peace is possible if you think you control everything that happens because the reality is you can't.” - Cody (29:57)
  • “The only way that you can really control your energy and your effort is through action.” - Casanova (34:01)
  • “If you're not willing to put in the work, don't expect the result. So be consistent, fill the funnel, the results will pop out the other side.” - Cody (46:09)


Books, Mentions, and Links:

Cody Bjugan



Your FREE 7-Figure Raw Land Payday Playbook from VestRight 

DNRE71 - The ACT in Building Wealth

DNRE71 - The ACT in Building Wealth

May 21, 2021

When thinking about building wealth, the main goal is to create cash flow and passive income that will put extra money in your pocket in the long run and let you live the life you want. Through this episode, know the ACTs of building wealth: assets, credit, and taxes. Understand how these can affect your income and how you can use it to your advantage that will create more cash flow on your end.


Quotes and Advice from our host:

  • “On this journey, when we're trying to build wealth, when we're trying to be a better person, there's a lot of pitfalls that we need to watch out for.” (00:49)
  • “An asset is anything that's going to consistently bring back money to you, whereas the liability is anything that you're going to spend money on that you're not going to get any return of investment on.” (01:17)
  • “First and foremost, understand that credit is the ability to make payments over time and on time, and does someone else have trust in that ability within you?” (06:40)
  • “There are only two things that are guaranteed in life, I'm sure you've heard this, but it's death and taxes.” (06:55)


Books, Mentions, and Links:

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki 

DNRE70 - Bernard and Georgia Jones: Building Cash Flow Through Recovery Homes

DNRE70 - Bernard and Georgia Jones: Building Cash Flow Through Recovery Homes

May 19, 2021

Starting up a recovery home is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can build your financial freedom while helping people in recovery within your community get the second chance they deserve all at the same time. 


Together with Bernard Jones and Georgia Giles-Jones, find out how you can build instant cash flow by starting, managing, and maintaining a recovery home that provides a safe, alcohol-free, and drug-free living environment.


Georgia and Bernard met in 2010 and they both grew up witnessing firsthand addiction and the negative impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. In 2015, their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping individuals looking for another chance at life inspired them to open a sober house.


Here’s What You Missed

The purpose of Recovery Homes

  • “...people voluntarily, who's in the recovery community that no longer wants to use drugs or alcohol, they'll come to a place where they can live as a family, where it's multiple people in the house, so they could support each other.” - Georgia (05:23)
  • “The bonus thing is that we're saving lives, where people are not using drugs and alcohol, people's connecting with their families. So it's the best of both worlds because we're saving lives and we're saving our lives and our family as well by becoming financially free.” - Georgia (07:43)
  • “We know that the recovery journey, not using drugs and alcohol, sometimes it's a bandaid for all the other things that they're dealing with in this thing called life.” - Georgia (38:03)


How to open a Recovery Home

  • “Every city and state is different.” - Georgia (08:40)
  • “The first step is finding out, like with zoning, what are the requirements to get this four bedrooms to be able to have people, to be able to have more than four or five people?” - Georgia (09:10)
  • “...contact that city to say, hey, what are the requirements? 'Cause I'm going to have more than four people in my home.” - Georgia (22:28)


People in recovery move into Recovery Homes

  • “This allows a person to be in a safe place, and then it's something called aftercare treatment.” - Georgia (10:16)
  • “They hold each other accountable, new bonds, new friendships, things like that. A lot of treatment centers, since it's really important about that environment when they need treatment is so, so key that it kind of go hand in hand, that a lot of treatment centers have funding to help residents pay.” - Georgia (10:35)


Responsibilities in a Recovery Home

  • “When we sublease the house, we're the tenant.” - Georgia (15:37)
  • “We're responsible for our residents.” - Georgia (15:49)
  • “The only time we really reach out to the landlords per se is this is like something major, like a roof leak or our air conditioners go out or something like that. But any of that minor stuff though, we handle everything on our own.” - Bernard (18:11)
  • “Are you going to clean this today? Are you going to do this today? We're not doing that. We're not a program where we have to do that back and forth, and you're here because we have to provide the service to you.” - Georgia (20:52)


Terms and Conditions of Recovery Homes

  • “Being a recovery home operator, you kind of make your own rules around that. So people sometimes will charge sober deposit and you can pick that amount.” - Georgia (19:28)
  • “It's a month-to-month agreement. We have is not a lease, and our agreement is basically saying you pay your rent, your housing fee on the first, making sure of your curfew, go into treatment. If you don't go to treatment, inform us.” - Georgia (19:56)
  • “As a recovery home operator, you decide. You decide. Do you want someone who has a felony? Do you want to do background checks? Who do you want to accept into your house? So you do your own screening process and intake what does that look like.” - Georgia (29:31)


Quotes and Advice from our host and guests:

  • “One thing that we want to bring light to is that everybody in recovery, like the perception that we think, is they just come in there, they gonna tear up everything, they don't have any home training and things like that. But that's far from the truth.” - Bernard (14:44)
  • “It's good that people want to make a difference and change their lives.” - Georgia (23:51)
  • “It's not for us to determine what kind of person you are. So we try not to focus on who they were before they came into our house, just the behavior when you're in our house.” - Georgia (31:12)
  • “You might've made a mistake three, four years ago, but that doesn’t mean the same person today.” - Bernard (31:53)
  • “You have an opportunity to not only have income but really a lot of impact because a lot of people need a second chance and that doesn't matter where you are.” - Casanova (33:43)
  • “We don't provide services, but we do have resources.” - Georgia (38:28)
  • “...don't worry about the process that it's going to take, just go do it though. When everything starts, after that, then I know everything will fall into place though.” - Bernard (39:55)
  • “A failure is a part of anything that you're going to do. And when you fail, it's way better than winning anyone 'cause you going to know what you gotta do to be better next time.” - Bernard (40:20)
  • “If I can do it for you, I can do it for myself.” - Georgia


Books, Mentions, and Links:

Bernard and Georgia Jones

CVH Recovery 

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CVH Recovery on Facebook 

CVH Recovery e-Course 

DNRE69 - Best Time to Get Started in Real Estate

DNRE69 - Best Time to Get Started in Real Estate

May 14, 2021

Some people wait for the right timing before taking leaps, especially big ones. But if the leap you’re planning to take is getting your real estate career started, timing should not be the only thing you take into consideration because you can start anytime. Real estate won’t go anywhere anytime soon. What you should really know beforehand is how you can get your systems right, how you can leverage your resources, how to manage your time properly, and most importantly, how you can give value to people you build relationships with.


Quotes and Advice from our host:

  • “I believe that everything starts with a dream and those of us who dare to dream while the rest of the world is settling for what society will tell us is our reality. We're the ones who stay in to be trailblazers and change-makers.” (01:38)
  • “...everybody could tell you no, but nobody could tell you yes.” (02:44)
  • “...he or she who owns the land makes the rules.” (03:30)
  • “Keep in mind, everyone wants to be educated so they're smart about the whole process and they also want communication.” (10:55)
  • “Marketing is always going to be your best gift.” (15:02)


Books, Mentions, and Links:

Mike Ferry 

Tom Ferry 

BNI: Business Networking International 

Center Sphere 


DNRE68 - Glenn Sanford: The Growth and Success of eXp Realty

DNRE68 - Glenn Sanford: The Growth and Success of eXp Realty

May 12, 2021

It is usual for people to find the most convenient way to get things done. A lot of the times, many ideas come to people’s minds on how to ease one’s work, but it’s a matter of whether they take action on their ideas to see if it works or not. And instead of waiting for someone else to start doing it, why not try it yourself?


On today’s episode, we have Glenn Sanford share with us what led him to learn how to automate things that are repetitive, which eventually led him to combine both his knowledge in technology and real estate to create the eXp model that no one else has done before.


Glenn is the chairman and CEO at eXp World Holdings, which he founded in July 2008. Their global brokerage, eXp Realty, is considered as one of the fastest-growing real estate companies. Before getting into real estate, he has worked with a number of internet start-ups in the 1990s and early 2000s. 


Here’s What You Missed

How eXp Realty came to life

  • “I thought about the profit share as being my retirement plan into residential real estate. Ultimately, I ended up not finding that the profit share model was as profitable as the recruiting brochure suggested.” (12:32)
  • “Once I had been there for three years, I decided that I would start my own brokerage, given all the things I was doing.” (12:52)
  • “Based on everything we've learned to date and given the state of technology and where it's come to today, how can we build a real estate brokerage that's not dependent on bricks and mortar?” (13:21)
  • “...how do we build a retirement plan so that we can ultimately create a model where, at the end of the day, if I ever wanted to not sell real estate again, there would be enough in it that I could actually retire, which is really tough.” (13:38)


Two different Management Styles

  • “One is a command and control style management style, which is go do this, go do that.” (15:27)
  • “The other style is a coaching style, which is, I'm really more about helping you become better as a real estate professional and as staff and other things, and that's been pretty much since I've got into business.” (15:38)
  • “There's a certain amount of command and control, there's a certain amount coaching that one has to sort of balance out.“ (15:57)


Struggles of building a new model

  • “...anybody who we recruited from, they would rightly so put us down because we were brand new and we might not make it and that this model hadn't been tried before, et cetera.” (17:05)
  • “We had to overcome just the general pushback that the competitors had at that point in time to overcome that. And that was a lot of work, but for the most part, we thought it had potential, we thought it had legs.” (17:18)
  • “In my mind it's like, somebody is going to do this, why not us?” (18:18)


The birth of the eXp model

  • “I wanted to first, figure out how to solve for cashflow issues.” (20:21)
  • “By leveling it out and creating another stream of income through a revenue share program, it levels out that income challenge.” (20:46)
  • “So when we started eXp, I wanted agents to have that same opportunity that wasn't really provided to me as an agent, because I knew that it would be important.” (21:49)
  • “We knew that if agents could get equity and they could feel like owners and they had a way, a path, to get more ownership if they wanted to have more ownership, that would be the game changer.” (22:36)
  • “Anybody can do sort of we call it the revenue share profit share model, but not everybody could do the equity model.” (22:48)


Relevance of personal development to real estate

  • “Because of having the Success platform, we've got so many interesting and unique people that we're having conversations with, that we can bring and expose to our real estate community that nobody else will be able to do.” (27:08)
  • “You could almost think about eXp Realty as being a personal development company that just happens to sell real estate. That's how we make our living. But it's all about getting better as a person, as a human being.” (39:56)


Joining eXp as a brand new agent

  • “...the person that brings you into eXp is, to some extent, responsible for you plugging in, you being successful.” (30:48)
  • “We've got a ton of resources. You're going to have to plug in more. You're going to have to explore more.” (31:45)
  • “...if you don't have the right sponsor, make sure you're plugging in everywhere you can. We've got our virtual world, we've got training going on all the time. Literally, you can get trained and connected, attend masterminds, ask questions, plug in.” (32:13)
  • “Even if you don't have a great sponsor, there's more than enough resources, but you're gonna have to be a little bit more proactive in figuring out what you need to do next.” (32:29)


Building relationships with other agents and brokers

  • “I think that's the thing that's always served me well is that by adding value and then becoming recognized as a person who adds value, you automatically are becoming somebody that people want to do business with.” (38:01)
  • “The idea is that those people who add the most value are also the ones that tend to get valued the most.” (38:40)


Network marketing style concept

  • “I think the network marketing style concept is the most brilliant concept of distributing products and services that was ever invented.” (43:09)
  • “I never had a challenge with it being called network marketing, MLM or any of that stuff, because at the end of the day, we, as individual entrepreneurs in the field, need a way to leverage and to actually create leverage in our life.” (43:48)
  • “Network marketing concepts are simply a tool that can be used in a legitimate way to get products and services to market.” (44:37)
  • “Network marketing comp structures is all about empowering people in the field to actually develop additional streams of income for helping those companies actually get those products and services to market, which makes, in my mind, total sense.” (45:19)


Do business with people sharing the same viewpoint

  • “I think one thing is if you've got a good idea, and I've had some ideas in the past that I think were great ideas, make sure that you're truly aligned with people who are aligned with what you're trying to do.” (46:56)
  • “If you don't have alignment early on, then you're going to struggle because they won't understand what you're trying to do, and they'll, to some extent, try to pull you off your game.” (47:29)
  • “Creating that alignment earlier, I think will ultimately yield better things across the board.” (47:42)
  • “For me, it's really about not getting into business with people who aren't truly aligned and spend the time upfront, making sure you have the alignment before you create the more contractual agreements.” (47:51)


Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “Equity is more powerful than cash flow.” - Glenn (18:59)
  • “Most agents aren't the best business people. They tend to not plan as well for taxes and some of the other things that comes along with being in business.” - Glenn (19:23)
  • “When one person wins, we all win.” - Casanova (29:28)
  • “Nobody has an excuse not to be successful, but they do have to make sure that they're being proactive and we're going to do everything we can to help them be successful. But they got to step up.” - Glenn (34:14)
  • “Plug in, plug in, plug in. Find out what stuff resonates with you as an agent, as an entrepreneur, as somebody who wants to both add value but then also consume content to up-level the way you're approaching the business, and you know, you can't help but be successful.” - Glenn (36:55)
  • “Every day we're all looking, we should be looking, to get just 1% better. If we could just get 1% better, over the course of the year, we know that's 365% and who wouldn't take a 360 turnaround.” - Casanova (42:14)
  • “Collaboration over competition.” - Casanova (46:17)


Books, Mentions, and Links:

Glenn Sanford

eXp Realty

eXp World Holdings 




Success Magazine 

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 

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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

DNRE67 - Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

DNRE67 - Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

May 7, 2021

Having a career in real estate includes more work than you can imagine, but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing it. Especially if you have an end goal in mind, you should be working hard on making it a reality. And one of the factors to this is being able to get out of your comfort zone. Your willingness to try and do things you haven’t before will help you cope with changes well, which can lead to a better, if not the best, version of yourself. 


Quotes and Advice:

“...it's not about what you make. We all know it's about what you keep.” (03:09)

“...comfortability is the enemy of all success. And if you're not willing to get uncomfortable, how will you ever know the heights that you can reach?” (04:09)

DNRE66 - 5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

DNRE66 - 5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

May 5, 2021

If you’re looking to scale up your real estate business, you might be one of those people who keeps wondering where successful agents get their leads and how you could start generating yours as well. It’s a fact that these leads help boost business sales, growth, and reputation, and there are a lot of different ways to do this. And among those numerous strategies, here are Casanova’s top 5 recommended ways to generate leads that you could already start implementing in the next 24 hours.


Quotes and Advice:

“They say that attention is the new currency, which we all know.” (02:38)

“People don't build businesses, systems really build businesses.” (11:19)


Mentions and Links: